Carter Cruise Fucked and Creampied

carter cruise

Here’s a hot scene from a site called The Tabu Tales, and you can sort of guess where this is going because the scene is called “The Family Creampie Recipe”. You can let your imagination go wild from there. I am more concentrating on the hot fuck featuring super sexy Carter Cruise, it’s not the first time I feature sexy Carter Cruise in this blog because this girl is simply a hot fuck. This scene has plenty of hot action, a little incest style step relative taboo play, and a nice messy creampie pussy finish. It’s sexy, hardcore, and naughty enough to get your imagination running!

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Redhead Cutie Ava Sparxxx Nude Outdoors

redhead nude

Ava Sparxxx is a cutie redhead, a girl with such an innocent look you are probably going to want to check her ID before you buy her a drink or licking her sexy little pussy out! This teen girl has a wonderful natural body, and in this set from 18eighteen, this young’un shows off her new tanlines and near burn. I guess it proves she’s a real redhead, because she burned pretty much right away in the sun, so she can’t stay out there too long. But in the shade, this little cutie takes it all off to reveal a truly yummy natural body, with a big innocent smile on her face as she shows it all off outdoors!

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Getting Pegged

Hank always thought his sister’s significant other Lisa was sexy. Even though she had an air ‘butchness’ about her. Lisa’s hair was done up feminine. She wore dresses occasionally to work and she used makeup. But she had a mannish way of walking and talking. She relished dirty jokes and just like men she made the occasional inappropriate sexual remark. She clearly was the ‘man’ of the relationship with his sister even though they both said that the relationship wasn’t about masculine/feminine stereotypes. Lisa was always in the man position during cuddling or snuggling. Eva, Hank’s sister, always wrapped her arms around Lisa’s neck during kissing. It their whole relationship it seemed that Lisa was the man and Eva was the woman. And Hank was jealous that his had found such a sexy and masculine woman.

Hank liked to fantasize that Lisa would make him have sex with her. Make him lick her cunt and suck hard on her small but perky tits. And for the finale, she would strap-on a dildo and stick it up his ass and fuck him til they were both exhausted.

Hank was a wimp and he had known this since he was little. He was always taken with the women who were masculine. He enjoyed watching women bodybuilders, they always turned him on. So Hank naturally thought of himself as the femme side of the equation and wanted to be with women who would be the masculine side. Hank loved to masturbate to fantasies about women doing him in his back door. From a young age he fondled and then eventually penetrated his ass. And from the first time he penetrated himself he knew that he would love a good ass fucking. When he moved out on his own he even bought a dildo to use on himself. He spent many a night in anal ecstasy picturing that a woman was giving it to him good. Now at the age of 23 he wanted a women to fuck him. Especially if the ass fucker was Lisa.

Lisa and Hank got along well because they were both big sports fans. She was a Giant fan and he was a Dodger fan. They would tease and mock each other throughout the baseball season. But since he had moved to SoCal a year ago they didn’t go to any games together anymore.

After a year in his new job, Hank finally earned a week’s vacation. He planned to go and spend a week with his sister and Lisa. He called his sister and made plans. Eva said she was happy to have Hank come up. She even mentioned that they would all go to a Giants game at the new PacBell Park.

When Hank arrived on a Saturday, the three of them spent the day wandering around town. They played a quick game of tennis in the late afternoon and then headed back to Eva and Lisa’s house for dinner. This whole time Hank couldn’t get the thought out of his head of Lisa fucking him with a dildo. And the way she was dressed didn’t help matters either. She wore a tank top with running shorts that showed her thighs up to where her butt started. Hank had to keep fighting a constant erection knowing he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it until bedtime.

When bedtime did come, Hank was finally happy he would get relief from the sexual tension he had been feeling since he had arrived. He bid a goodnight to his hosts who were also thinking of retiring for the evening. After brushing his teeth, Hank went in to his guest bedroom and quickly closed the door. He headed straight for his suitcase and found his dildo. From the side pocket he pulled out some lube and laid down on the bed. He fingered his ass for awhile fantasizing that Lisa was preparing him for a screwing. When he was ready, he slowly slid the dildo up his ass. He took his time savoring the feeling and letting his sexual imagination wander. He stroked his cock slowly, occasionally stopping to taste his precum. As the excitement built , he stroked faster. As he neared his climax, Hank moaned out Lisa’s name. “Fuck me, Lisa” he said a couple of times before finally releasing his load with an intense orgasm that made him what to shout with pleasure. He was able to somewhat mute his shout of pleasure and figured that Lisa and Eva probably didn’t hear it being that they listened to TV while they went to sleep. After resting for a few minutes, Hank got up, put on some shorts and headed to the bathroom to wash off the dildo. He came back to bed able to fall quickly into a deep sleep.

On Sunday, they were to go to the ballgame. But Eva found out that she was needed at work and wouldn’t be able to come along. So now it was just Lisa and Hank. Much like yesterday, Lisa was wearing very short shorts. Just looking at her legs while they drove to the game gave Hank an erection. Lisa seemed to be struggling with something on her mind as they drove the first few minutes in silence.

Suddenly, Lisa dropped the bombshell. “I saw you last night. I snuck into your room when you were brushing your teeth and hid in the closet. I was going to jump out and scare you when you got into bed and turned out the lights. But instead you jacked off with that dildo.”

Hank didn’t know what to say. He tried to mumble something. But Lisa continued.

“Do you want me to fuck you? You were moaning last night about me fucking you.”

Hank couldn’t look at her. He was caught and didn’t know what say. He figured Lisa was mad at him. “Did you tell my sister?” Hank finally asked.

“Yes and no. I told her I didn’t get to scare you because you started masturbating. But I didn’t tell her about the dildo or you moaning my name.” She smiled at him and added, “It’s called pegging.”

“What is?”

“Having a woman fuck a guy with a dildo is called pegging. At least in the circles I run in.” she smiled again. This made Hank feel much better. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. She at least seems amused by the thought. So Hank asked her if she ever had pegged a guy.

“No, but for the last few years it has been a big fantasy of mine. It seems it’s a big fantasy of yours, too.” She said as she looked at him with what Hank thought of as possibly lust. “Look in my backpack in the back seat. I packed especially for this trip.”

Hank did as he was told. In the backpack were two dildos and a harness to which either one could attach. “Which one would you like me to use on you?” Lisa asked playfully. This time there was no mistaking the look of lust on Lisa’s face. This gave Hank’s dick a big rush.

“This one,” said Hank, holding up the eight-inch purple dong.

Lisa smiled at his choice. It was then that Hank noticed that they weren’t headed for the ballpark.

“I know a nice secluded spot were we can have some fun.” Lisa said. Hank found his heart racing as he realized that his biggest fantasy was going to come true.

When they arrived at the spot, it was a hillside that gave them cover from three sides. They both got in the back seat and started to remove each others clothing. Lisa laid down on top of Hank and probed his mouth with her delicious tongue. While continuing to kiss, Lisa moved her hands down to Hank’s asshole and started to play with it. A jolt of electricity went up Hank’s body and she probed him with her fingers. Soon she had two fingers in him and started to thrust them in and out. Hank was in ecstasy. He played with her nipples with his fingers.

“I think now you’re ready,” Lisa said as reached for the harness. Hank helped her put it on as well as helping with attaching the dildo. “Show me that ass of yours. I think I need to fuck you good.”

Hank got on his hands and knees and showed his ass to her. She put her hands on his hips and placed the tip of the dildo against his bud. Hank quivered in anticipation. She firmly but slowly slipped the dildo into him. The pleasure was almost unbearable for Hank. He wanted her to start thrusting into him and moved his ass closer to her.

“Fuck me,” he pleaded.

“Patience, my sweet, Patience.” She finally slid the length of the dildo inside of him and slowly started to thrust. Hank moved with her tempo.

It was the most amazing feeling for Hank. The slow thrusting made his prostate come alive and his cock felt on fire. Lisa started to quicken her thrusting.

“Now, you can say ‘fuck me, Lisa” she teased and started to move the dildo almost all the way out and then quickly thrust it all the way in. Hank’s ass moved with her quick thrusts.

“Oh god! Fuck me, Lisa. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Hank yelled as his orgasm started to build. It built deep inside where he never felt it start before. Soon it seemed to take over his whole body and he unleashed a torrent of semen. While the waves of climax hit he begged to Lisa to keep fucking him. His begging sent Lisa over the edge and she too was sent into ecstasy.

Lisa kept pounding into Hank until her orgasm began to subside. Finally she stopped. For a few minutes, no sound could be heard but the sound of their heavy breathing. Finally she removed the dildo from Hank’s ass. They embraced and kissed.

Hank looked at Lisa and said, “That was incredible, You definitely know how to use a cock. I certainly do enjoying being fucked.”

Lisa laughed and looked at him, “We have a ballgame to attend. But then we’ll have time on the way back for another pegging.”

Hank couldn’t wait.

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Breanne Benson Sexy Hot Hardcore Fuck

breanne benson fuck

Here’s a hot new scene from Passion HD featuring the totally stunning Breanne Benson. This girl is a smoking hot babe, with a near perfect 32C-22-35 and a super sultry look, this Albanian born babe is hot enough to be a fashion model – and horny enough to be the girl you want to fuck three times a day! This scene is purely sexual, a sensual and sexy strip down and fuck sort of like sex in the morning with your new girlfriend, it’s clear she loves to fuck and she gets so totally into it – and I would love to be totally inside her too!

Want more? Download this exclusive scene from PassionHD here!

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Naughty Teaser Madden In a Mans Shirt

meet madden

Madden is one of the original teaser girls, a sexy blond with a natural body that will both excite you and drive you a little mental. She loves to tease, it’s not about getting naked as much as making your mind go crazy, and this amateur hotty is truly one of the best. She’s got small sexy boobs and a nice tight ass, and she loves to show off. This new set from her site has her in a men’s shirt and well, that is truly a sexy thing. This amateur hotty gives us a show that leaves a little to the imagination and not enough blood flowing to your brain!

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Redhead Hotty Kassondra Raine Gets Us In Close


Nubiles is like a supermarket for hot pussy and sexy girls, and this time out is no exception. Sexy redhead Kassondra Raine is a 24 year old Russian with stunning good looking, wonderful firm tits, and a pussy that you will love. She isn’t shy about spreading it all open too and making sure the camera gets in close. You can see that this redhead’s soaked pussy is wet and ready for some action, and if the camera got any closeup I think you could taste her! Kassondra Raine is super sexy and totally into playing for the camera, and she cums really well too!

wet pussy

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Forget Football Fuck My Tiny Pussy Instead

fuck football

Yummy blond Katerina Kay isn’t much of a football fan, but the guy she is going out with watches them all, the bowl games, the NFL, the college games, indoor Football… anything he can get this guy watches. Katerina would rather fuck, and she has an insanely sexy ass that nobody can ignore, not even this devoted football fan. So it’s fuck football, and fuck my tiny pussy and sexy ass too! This scene from Exxxtrasmall is one if an all out fuck session, this girl is incredibly hot in bed and she loves to get fucked doggy style with her sexy ass up and her face down, just like a good little slut should!

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The Blowjob

I drove away from my house in a hurry, downshifting for speed. As I got near town and started fighting the traffic, I thought about Janet, the chick I was on my way to see. She worked at the record store downtown, and told me when I was there earlier that if I came by at closing, I would probably get lucky!

We have been flirting over the last 6 weeks or so, every time I go in there. She is college-age, kind of freaky. She has her hair dyed black and a nose-ring and wears ALL KINDS of eye makeup, but you can tell she is really pretty underneath and God, what a bod!

She has nice hips, a slim waist and a perfect set of gorgeous 36C’s! She’s always wearing these jeans that drag the floor because she has them pushed way down her hips, and tight t-shirts that aren’t quite long enough for her. This shows off her flat tummy and navel in the sexiest way.

Anyway, as I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the closed sign was already up. I walked up to the front door & peered in. She was in the back, but she saw me. She sauntered up to unlocked the door & let me in.

“You look good!” I shouted.

“Huh?” She couldn’t hear me over the loud music. That’s ok, I hadn’t gone there for the conversation.

I followed her into the back of the store, where the grimy office was. She had me sit down in an office chair that was pushed up against the wall. She then sat on my lap, facing me, and sort of clutched my legs with hers and started gyrating her hips against my crotch. My cock was already hard at this point and it started to drive me a little nuts. She held her lips about an inch from mine, we were both panting. As soon as I went to pull her top off of her, she grabbed it and pulled it off herself.

I wrapped my arms around her and my lips engulfed her right nipple; sucking, licking, and rolling it with my tounge…not to mention kind of whimpering with desire. I fondled her other breast with my hand, and then moved it down to her jeans. I started to undo them when she suddenly jerked away from me and stood up.

She looked kind of freaked out, and I started thinking maybe this whole thing was over when she fell to her knees and started unbuttoning my jeans. She fished out my cock and my balls, which are always unencumbered by underwear.

She looked very nastily up at me and took my cock in her mouth, just the first inch and a half or so, and started rolling her tounge around it and sucking softly. She continued the soft sucking and carressing of the head until I was about to go nuts. I reached down and pushed her head until she was taking more.

I heard her moan, even over the music, and I knew she was loving this. I kept my hands on the back of her head as she sucked and rolled my cock in her mouth, sending me to heaven and back over and over.

She was taking a good two or three inches of my 7-incher, but not doing much more. Before long, I was pushing her further down my cock to take more. She resisted slightly, but I pushed a little harder. When I did, she moaned again. I looked down and realized she was fingering herself!

Now that turned me on even more, if that’s possible! From my perspective I could see her nasty lips sucking my cock like there’s no tomorrow (doing a pro’s job with her tounge), her hot, creamy, perky 36C’s swaying back and forth with the motion of it, and her hand stuck down her jeans jerking like crazy!

Suddenly she slowed way down and lowered the intensity of her sucking and licking. I said, “Faster!” But I don’t think she heard me. “FASTER!”, I shouted. And she started moving her head faster, but did not increase the intensity of her sucking; it was like little butterfly kisses on my cock – I almost couldn’t feel it.

I was getting pissed, and I finally knew what she wanted. “Suck it, bitch! Suck it hard!”, I said, and pushed her head until she was taking my cock to the hilt. She moaned and started fingering herself faster. I was holding her face to my pubes, with my cock shoved into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing against it as it hit the back of her throat. I released her slightly and let her move almost off my cock and then pulled her back against me again.

She was licking and sucking hard now, as well as fingering herself and moaning like an animal. I held her head steady and began fucking her mouth as hard as I could. When my load hit the back of her throat, the moaning intensified and her whole body shook. She came hard while she swallowed my cum.

When we were both spent, she leaned back on her knees and closed her eyes. Then she looked up at me and grinned and licked her cum off her fingers. When I zipped up and left I said thanks and she told me not to be a stranger.

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Kayla Kayden Wildly Naughty Office Fuck

office sex

Fucking at work is always fun, and when you get to nail a hot blond like Kayla Kayden it only gets better! Checkout the details of this hot scene from Naughty Office:

Kayla walks over to Seth’s cubicle and catches him slamming the phone down on a customer. She came to talk about his low performing numbers and to find out if there was anything going on in his life that was contributing to his current performance. Seth lets Kayla know that he has a lot of stressed built up within him and he needs a release. Kayla is willing to do anything to help Seth get back into his grove to get her boss off her back regarding his numbers. With a raise of a brow and his eyes set on Kayla huge tits, he has the perfect idea to set things right.

Great action with everything from a great blowjob and titty fuck to a hardcore banding over the desk and a face full of cum!

Download this wildly hot office fuck scene from Naughty Office – working to get you off!

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Sexy Shae Summers Nude In The Pool

shae summers

Okay, I am willing to admit that this shot of sexy Shae Summers isn’t specifically totally nude, but honestly, that bathing suit is too small to be considered any sort of coverage at all, right? Plus Shae Summers has her amazing baps out, and you have to admit, her big tits are fucking awesome! This scene from Big Naturals has this hotty showing off in the pool, getting naked and finally doing the nasty as well. This girl is freaking amazing to look at, her body is super sexy and she’s willing and naughty too!

Check out more of Shae Summers nude at Big Naturals, big titty girls nude and more!

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