The Doctor Is In Trinity St Clair

trinity st clair

Hot scene from Doctor Adventures with Trinity St Clair. She’s going to the doctor for a check up, and this new doctor is very impressed by her sexy body. In fact, he’s so impressed that he’s popping major wood and just about drooling on her. So he manipulates her around and makes his move, diving in to lick out her juicy shaved pussy and really get her going. Trinity St Clair returned the favor, sucking his cock and being pretty much blown away by how big his junk is. Then it’s fucking time and they go at it in all sorts of directions and positions. This girl loves it hard, hard, hard and the dcotor knows the cure for her hot juicy pussy, multiple orgasms and a big load of cum on her face!

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Suzis New Bikini

It was nice hot summer’s day and a group of us had decided to meet up at the beach. Having the day totally free I got there early, picking up a choice sparking spot and being able to get a nice spot to dump my stuff on the beach. Then I went swimming.

Others arrived as the day wore on and we were all just mucking around generally, sometimes in the water and sometimes not. No harm and we weren’t bothering anyone. Just a bunch of young adults enjoying themselves.

Little Suzy was one of the last to arrive. Cute little kid with a cute little car. I suppose the car give the lie to her being a kid as she’d have to be eighteen to have her license. Still, it amused me to call her that, mainly because it drove her wild.

We were all in the water when Suzy arrived. She came scampering over the sand in this little white bikini, and if the car didn’t say she was of age, her figure in that bikini did. I was almost offended, it was so small, and I had to bite my tongue not to tell her to go and get some clothes on. She’d have loved that, I bet.

She came wading out to join the group and was already waist deep when this slightly larger wave came rolling in. It washed around her, almost coming up to her neck and then the water died down and I was looking at little Suzy and thinking, “Oh shit.”

I had to look twice. Three times, actually. The first time I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The second was to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. The third was because she had quite lovely little breasts and they were on plain view and I didn’t want to look away.

I moved very quickly, cutting between her and the crowd, shielding her from view. She looked at me curiously as I moved closer.

“Hi, Mike,” she said smiling. “What’s up?”

“My blood pressure. What the hell do you think you’re wearing?”

“It’s a bikini. What’s wrong with it? Everyone wears them.”

“Not like that one,” I told her. “Take a look.” I nodded towards her breasts, not daring to look at them while she was this close.

She looked down and went white, then red, then white again. She finished up choosing a nice red blush as her arms crossed in front of her. Her lovely new white bikini turned totally transparent when wet and it was as though she was topless.

“Stay like that for a moment,” I told her, and sank below the water. Then I was standing again, shaking the water from my head and smiling.

“Same down below,” I told her. “I could see you’ve shaped a nice little landing strip down there. I could also see the playing field at the end of the strip.”

Suzy was horrified, and infuriated that I was finding it amusing.

“It’s not funny,” she hissed at me, almost crying. “What am I supposed to do?”

“That depends on how much of an exhibitionist you are. You can join the group like that. The boys sure won’t mind.”

The killing look dismissed that idea.

“Ah, well,” I said. “I guess you’d better head in towards the shore. You can lie down in the shallows for a few moments to protect your modesty while I go up and get a towel to wrap around you.”

That plan was more to her taste and it was only a minute or so before I was approaching her, towel in hand. I was not going to let her wrap it around herself while she lay in the water, I told her. She could damn well stand up and wrap it.

She did so, reluctantly, but I did my bit and looked deliberately elsewhere while she wrapped herself up. Then she went stalking past me and up the beach.

“What do you intend doing now,” I asked.

“Get dressed and go home,” she said bitterly. “I can’t hang around here, now can I? How can I explain why I can’t go swimming? My day is ruined.”

“Could be worse,” I pointed out. “You might have joined the group before you found out.”

“God, don’t even think that,” she protested. “I’ll have nightmares. It’s bad enough that you saw me like that.”

She gave me a fulminating glare.

“Probably worse. You’ll be teasing me about it for months.”

“What, kid you about going swimming in a bikini made for sunbathing only? Wouldn’t dream of it. Anyone could make that sort of mistake.”

She could hear the laughter in my voice and tried to kick me. Fortunately the towel hindered this.

“All joking aside,” I said, “instead of getting dressed and going home, come on over to my van. I actually have several bikinis there, all of the tie-on variety. You can borrow one of those and then join us.”

“Dare I ask why you have several sets of women’s bikinis in your van?”

“I take my sister and her friends to the beach sometimes,” I explained. “It’s amazing how often they leave things behind. I can’t guarantee that the tops will be the same colour as the bottoms, but I have enough to make up a number of pairs. Non-see-through, as well,” I added.

She chewed on her lip a bit, thinking about my offer, but didn’t resist when I steered her in the direction of my van. I have quite a nice van. It doesn’t look much from the outside but it has a good engine and I’ve finished off the insides very nicely. While it’s not what is known as a sin bin, it suits me. The back of the van has tinted windows and, on a bright sunny day, it’s impossible to look in from the outside. It also has a nice bench seat in the back. Really a storage locker, but I’d padded the lid.

I opened the rear door and helped Suzy up, following her in. She was short enough to be able to stand. Me, I had to crouch somewhat. I promptly sat on the bench seat and open a little storage cupboard on one of the side walls.

“This is where I keep all the bits and pieces people leave behind,” I said. “Makes it easy to find something when the owner comes looking.”

I found a couple of likely items and handed them over to Suzy.

“Here, try these. If they’re no good I have more.”

I figured they’d suit as both pieces were tie on. That tends to make them one size fits all, depending on how much you want to cover or not cover.

Suzy took my offering, looking rather dubious. Both items were going to cover more than what she was currently wearing, but I had no objection to that. She really shouldn’t be flashing that much skin.

I waited and Suzy waited.

“Problem?” I finally asked.

“I’m waiting for you to close the door,” she said, indicating the rear door standing wide.

“No need,” I told her. “It’s just overlooking the ocean so no-one can see in and no-one’s going to come wandering past as I’m at the end of the row.”

“I was thinking more along the lines that you’d close it from the outside,” came the very pointed suggestion.

“Now why would I want to do anything so silly?” I asked quietly. “I liked what I saw earlier and I’d like to see it again. You just go right ahead and get changed.”

Don’t ever think that you understand women. I expected tantrums and abuse and then to be evicted. What I got was a shrug, Suzy turning her back to me, dropping the towel and stripping of her bikini.

“Damn it, Suzy,” I said, as she started tying on the new bikini. “That’s not fair. Turn around and face me.”

The little bitch just looked over her shoulder and laughed at me, continuing to tie on the bikini bottom. After that she put on the top and all I got to see from the strip show was a cute little bottom.

Now that the bikini was on she turned to face me, looking rather irate.

“Who,” she asked, “left this in your van? Ten ton Tessie from Texas? This things more suited to a gorilla than to a woman. What else have you got?”

It looked eminently suitable to me for a kid like Suzy. It covered everything she had and that was the way I preferred it. Except when it was me doing the looking. I sighed and turned back to the lost property cupboard.

“Don’t bother,” said Suzy. “I’ll look. You’ll probably come out with a burka and say it’s just the thing. You’re a terrible prude, you know.”

No, I did not know. I don’t object to abbreviated bikinis. I like abbreviated bikinis and women wearing them. It’s just I was reluctant for Suzy to wear one. There were a lot of lecherous men out there.

Suzy fished out what looked like pieces of tangled string with a few knots in it. I remembered a friend of my sister’s wearing that item and had thought it looked fantastic. Suddenly I considered it to be in very poor taste.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I said.

Suzy just looked me dead in the eye and said, “Prude.”

Still looking at me she pulled the ties of the overlarge bikini and the bottom just dropped away and my lust jumped sky high. It went even higher when she dropped the top, standing there nude and smiling.

I wanted to throttle the little bitch. She just kept on grinning at me while she tied on the scraps of nothing that were supposed to be a string bikini.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked, posing provocatively.

“Over my dead body,” I told her. “Try something a little less extreme.”

She rolled her eyes upward as though beseeching heavenly help, but she did turn and fish out a somewhat more modest bikini. And she knew just where it was, reaching in with hardly a glance to get it. This one was brightly coloured, both pieces being two toned, all the colours appearing complimentary. That was one that I guessed would meet both our requirements, if only just.

Once again Suzy smiled at me as she stripped off the scraps of string.

“You,” she said seriously, “are not going to get over your hang-ups about me until you’ve given me a good fucking. When are you going to stop stuffing around and do it?”

I stared at her, appalled.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I demanded.

“What I’m talking about is you stop being ridiculously gentlemanly where I’m concerned and start being a little more caddish.”

She bent forward, her naked breasts swinging deliciously, distracting me from what she was doing. I found out when her hand closed over my erection, poorly concealed beneath my bathers. She squeezed it.

“This proves my point. You know damn well you want me,” she said. “Why aren’t you doing something about it? Are you worried because I’m a virgin? I have to lose it sooner or later.”

Like I said, who can tell what a woman will do? I did know what I was going to do and the hell with it. I grabbed her and pulled her onto my lap and kissed her.

She kissed me right back and while she was doing that my hands were exploring. I traced her breasts, noting that her nipples were already erect. Thinking back, they’d been erect when she took of that oversize bikini and I’d just refused to notice.

My hands traced her body going lower still, finally closing over her mound. Then my fingers explored, finding no resistance as I touched and probed.

Greedy little fingers were now running over my body, Suzy hitching herself to one side so she could touch my erection. I cursed softly and started trying to push my bathers down, feeling unwantedly constricted by them. Suzy joined in quite happily, then left me to struggle with them once enough of my erection was freed for her to play with it.

Naked and clutching at each other, we kissed and caressed, making delightfully free of each other’s body, happily enjoying the touches on our own.

It was blatantly obvious that I was ready for the next step, and some gentle probing showed me that Suzy was hot and wet and squirming. OK. I’ll admit some not so gentle probing also showed that, with Suzy’s squirming and gasping increasing with the roughness with which I handled her.

Then I was twisting her under me, laying her on her back on the bench, and I was coming down onto and into her. My erection butted up against her lips and then rudely pushed past. She gave a small shriek as I just as rudely pushed past her hymen, then clung to me, pushing frantically up to meet me as I continued to drive into her.

Her arms were wrapped around me, clinging to me, and her legs came up and clasped me, trying to draw me deeper and hold me there. I was quite content to sink in, pushing as deep as I could go, until our groins were rubbing hard against each other.

Suzy may have been a virgin but that young woman had a natural talent. Once engaged I started moving on her, quite forcefully. She didn’t bat an eye. She just made an excited gasping sound and started moving with me, pressing up against me just as hard and just as eagerly as me.

I knew how these things were supposed to go. You ease slowly into the virgin (assuming she’s willing), breaking her hymen gently, while whispering soft reassuring words. Then you establish a nice easy rhythm and lift her gradually to the heights, helping her to have her first orgasm before finishing off nicely and gently, cuddling her and telling her how wonderful she was.

All I can say is that Suzy had never read those rules and I was just ignoring them. I had drilled in hard, and the hell with her virginity, and she responded in the same way. Now we were banging hard against each other and we weren’t worrying about any rhythm. We wanted what we wanted and we wanted it now and we were taking it.

I took her hard, driving in again and again, and she responded in a like fashion, almost bouncing off the bench in her eagerness to accept me. We were both gasping, moving fast, full of a desperate energy that we had to burn off.

I was so horny and desperate for this woman that she again took me by surprise when she climaxed. I’d have sworn that I’d blow my cork before a young virgin would be anywhere near ready to respond. Instead of which she suddenly screamed and clamped tightly around me, a challenge to which I responded with enthusiasm, happily letting loose with my own climax.

I groaned back to full realisation of where I was after a few minutes and Suzy followed suit shortly after.

I was feeling dead, but happy. Suzy on the other hand was positively glowing, all smiles. She happily picked up the colourful bikini she’d chosen and put it on, and it fit her as though specially tailored for her. I was thinking maybe it was a little brief, caught the look in her eye and didn’t say a word. She smiled and nodded, accepting my capitulation.

Happy as Larry, she went prancing back down to the beach. I followed on behind, knowing full well that she was going to run me ragged for a long, long time.

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Tiny Renee Roulette Rides a Huge Cock

renee roulette

Tiny girls versus huge cocks is perhaps one of the most popular concepts in porn, and no site does that better than Tiny4K. This scene features Renee Roulette, a super sexy, super petite girl barely 5 feet tall with A cup tits and cute pierced nipples. She’s naughty, hot, tight, and in for a solidly wildly fucking as this rather well hung dude is going to fuck her hardcore! Some really great shots of her tiny tits and tight pussy before and after, and Renee Roulette looks sexy as hell in the end on her knees milking his cock onto her face, covering herself in cum and looking horny as hell doing it!

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Tasha Reign Wild Schoolgirl Cosplay Fuck

tasha reign schoolgirl

Wildly hot scene from Tonights Girlfriend featuring the always sexy and horny Tasha Reign. Seems her client for the night not only wants to fuck this famous pornstar, he always wants to fuck her while she’s dressed as a naughty schoolgirl. How fucking perverted is that? Well, Tasha is more than happy to do what he likes, and when she sees how big and fat his cock gets staring at her sexy schoolgirl uniform, she’s knows she’s in for fun. I love this short of Tasha Reign sucking cock in her schoolgirl uniform, she’s totally fucking hot in this one and she loves a good cumshot too!

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Big Booty Babe Needs The Cock Bad

big booty

Here’s a wildly hot hardcore scene from Teen Curves that features mega big booty hotty Nina Kay getting her a big cock fucking, and really loving it. Nina Kay has an insanely huge and sexy ass and big titties too, and she’s hot and horny for the cock and willing to go the extra mile to make the guy really happy! She’s a horny phat ass girl who knows how to ride cock and how to take a big cock pounding with the best of them. In the end, the guy unloads all over the insanely sexy huge ass, I know I would too!

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Hot Babe Fucked To a Creampie Cocktail


This scene from Creamopie Angels is either as hot as all fucking get out, or enough to make you wonder. The girl is nameless but hot as fuck, a hot blond with a tasty body, sexy stockings, and oh yeah, she loves to fuck and suck! So there’s plenty of hot action as she gets her face full of cock and then gets her cunt stuffed like there is no tomorrow. Then things get a little wild, like:

Fucking her in various positions, he’s finally cumming inside of her pussy, when later she takes a cup and allowing the jizz to drip out, finishing the scene with a delicious cum cocktail

Yup, you read that right, a cum cocktail. She literally lets his cum roll out of her soaking pussy into a cocktail glass, and then she drinks it down. Yeah, nasty, hot, horny… this girl is willing!

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Jenna J Ross Rocking the Cock And Loving The Goo

jenna j ross

A couple of days ago, Jenna J Ross was on her twitter account complaining that she hadn’t sucked cock on camera for a month – she needs it bad! She’s been doing a lot of girl on girl scenes recently, her sexy tight body and hot attitude make her very popular. But we miss out when we don’t get to see her getting dicked and sucking a huge boner like we do in this hot scene. She’s a fucking hotty for sure, Jenna J Ross has the near perfect body, with enough curves everywhere but nothing over done, she loves to get naked and fuck, and her fat lipped pussy is wet and ready. Oh, did I mention she loves to suck cock, and really seems to love getting her face and mouth blasted with cum? She’s just that hot!

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More Party Games

I like getting laid as much as the next girl, but I’m not always prepared to be fucked by just any cock that happens to be brought to a party. I like to be a bit choosey. So I don’t go much for those party games where you draw for a partner and head for the nearest bedroom.

But I played a game last month that really got to me. I was wondering why our hostess Melanie had said we had to wear dresses not jeans, and weren’t allowed to bring a partner. It turned out there were twelve of us, including Melanie, six of each sex. None of us girls had met any of the men before. This was important, Melanie said, because the game we were going to play required that we didn’t know anything about each other.

There were two real bedworthy hunks, and the other four weren’t bad looking, either. Circulating, getting to know each other, I suddenly realized how well Melanie had chosen. I could have fucked any one of them. Or any six. They all had bulges in their jeans I could hardly take my eyes off, and I caught one guy stroking his once or twice.

Well, after a few drinks Melanie said it was time for the special game. The girls all had to go into one of the bedrooms, all except for Melanie. You can bet there was some guessing about the size of the fucking gear inside those bulges. Melanie came back after a while and explained the game. She gave us each a pencil and a notepad. The pad had the numbers one to six down the left side. When you go in there, she said, the guys will all have numbers but their faces will be hidden, and you’re going to have to guess who each one is. Just write down the name against the number.

So we went into the other room. and I’d never imagined such a scene in my wildest dreams. Melanie had rigged a large sheet across the room. The men were ll standing behind it, with six rampant pricks poking through holes in the sheet, and six pairs of balls hanging below them. I’d never seen a sight like it—six fabulous fucking organs in a row, all standing to attention. The game was we had to guess which guy each set of genitalia belonged to.

“No cheating,” Melanie said. “No feeling around to see what the men are wearing behind the curtain. You can look at these beauties, feel them, taste them, jerk them off, anything you like. Except don’t hurt them.”

“Do you know who they are?” I asked Melanie.

“No way. I left them to decide where they’d stand. And don’t be greedy. No more than half a minute with each one. We don’t want them cumming before the game’s finished.”

“Why not?” I asked facetiously. “I’d just love to make them cum all in a row. Just imagine, six ejaculating pricks all shooting their load at once.”

I don’t know where Melanie got the idea for the game, but it was a great idea. A whole row of lovely pricks. More pricks than I’d ever seen together at one time. Six pricks to look at, six pricks to hold, six pricks to explore, six pricks to masturbate, six pricks to lick and suck, six pairs of balls to hold in my hand. I was going to be busy. I wished I could have them all to myself, instead of sharing them with the girls.

Melanie assigned each one of us—including herself—to one of those hunks of fuck-meat. Two of them were beginning to droop, and I was wishing I could draw one of those. It would have been fun masturbating it back to a good hard-on. The idea was we each had half a minute, and then we’d change places and move on to jerk off the next in line.

The first prick I got, number four, had red hair surrounding the scrotum. That was a dead give-away, but I’d forgotten we were supposed to be putting names to the numbers. My cunt was already on fire, and the cunt-juice was beginning to run down my thighs because I’d left my panties off in anticipation of getting a hot prick between my legs some time during the evening.

I knelt down and took the scrotum in front of me into one hand. It was so hot and heavy. I could feel the hardness of the balls inside, but I didn’t dare squeeze it. The prick above it was dark veined and curved slightly upward, not like the straight shafts I’d known. I giggled to myself, thinking it was shaped like a banana and wondering what a banana would feel like instead of a dildo on those occasions when I had to wank myself.

The knob was redder than the shaft, but not as swollen as some I’d had. I took the prick between my fingers and thumb and squeezed it gently, and began to jack it off. It came alive in my hand, throbbing and jerking up and down; and as I watched, the ripe plum that was its head began to swell until it was stretched so smooth it seemed it would burst. I just had to take it in my mouth and rub my tongue all over the smoothness of it, sucking it so hard that I sucked a few drops of delicious pre-cum right out of it.

In no time it seemed, Melanie was calling time to change. I wrote down “Roger” against number 4 on my notepad and moved along to the next piece of man-meat protruding from the curtain. The girl before me had done a wonderful job of masturbating it into enormous tumescence.

I’d never seen a prick so thick and standing up at such an angle. The knob was already red and shiny like number four, but the rim round the base of it projected like the edge of a mushroom, and the head was so huge I had to open my mouth wide to take it in. I imagined what it would feel like to have a prick as big as that opening the entrance to my twat and reaming out my vagina. I didn’t know who number five was, but I was determined to find out, because number five was going to shoot his wad high up inside my belly before too many nights had passed.

By the time I moved on to number six my cunt was in spasm. I wished I’d worn panties, so that I could feel them tight against my vulva and rubbing against my clit. However, I had two hands, and while one hand explored the prick in front of me the other hand was under my dress, my middle finger masturbating a clit that was just crying out to be sucked.

And that’s how the game went. One lovely tumescent prick after another, each one different in some way from the one before, each one with a magnificent hard on. Before I’d finished my examination of all six pricks, I’d frigged myself to a couple of delicious orgasms. And to judge by the moans and gasps from the other girls, there was a lot of cumming happening in that room.

But the game wasn’t over. Once we’d guessed the names of all six pricks in front of us, Melanie had more instructions. “If you’re like me, you’ve been doing a lot of cumming at the guys’ expense. So now it’s their turn. They must be ready to explode by now, so show them a good time. Jerk them, suck them, do what you like, but don’t prick-tease them any more.”

There were delighted giggles, and six girls set to work on six pricks that had been on the point of cumming for nearly ten minutes. I don’t know what the other girls did to get their guys creaming. But the prick in front of me had been oozing a steady stream of delicious jism that tasted like coconut candy, and however hard that load of sperm was about to ejaculate, I was determined to have it in my mouth. I would have liked to watch it happen, because it should be a spectacular explosion. But I wanted more of that candy, and I was in a mood for sucking.

My guy must have had wonderful will power to hold back all that time, because I’d hardly fastened my lips round the rim of his knob and begun to suck him off, before his prick started to throb and thrust deeper into my mouth. And with every throb and every thrust came a jet of scalding cum. I had my hand between my own legs, timing my own masturbation to his spurts, and squeezing along his prick and sucking hard on his knob, savoring the sweetness and swallowing greedily until I’d sucked every last drop of cum out of his sperm organ.

It was the best party game I’d ever played. But we were all too exhausted to do more than collapse where we were. We didn’t even bother to check whether our guesses had been right.

Some time later Melanie produced some food, and we had a few more drinks. Then Melanie made another announcement. “Owing to the success of the last game, which I think I’ll call “Cock Robbing,’ I have another game for you. This one’s called ‘Cuntry Girls.’ This time all the men have to go into the bedroom.” While the guys were out, Melanie made us go and freshen up. I guess there wasn’t one of us whose twats weren’t sticky with cunt juice. She told us to leave our panties off, those of us who’d worn them. She had a long couch in the middle of the room. She made us stand behind the couch, and bend over the padded back with our heads down and our bottoms in the air. “Just like you’re going to have it doggy style.” She walked behind us, and lifted our dresses and threw them up over our backs. My naked ass felt deliciously exposed, even if it was only Melanie looking at it. Then Melanie draped a sheet over us all, just leaving our bottom halves showing. “Stand with your legs wide apart. The guys are going to have to guess whose pussy is whose,” she explained.

When the men came in, there were wolf whistles and a lot of ribald comments. I guess we’d reacted the same way when we saw their row of erections. What they must have seen was a row of naked asses, cheeks in the air, tight little bum holes winking at them, and wide open cunts hanging down ready for whatever pleasures they had in mind for us.

Melanie gave them their instructions. “Find out whose pussies they are. Touch them, taste them, frig them, do whatever you like to them but don’t hurt them and don’t stick your tools into them.”

It was an exciting sensation being blindfolded, in effect, with my whole ass exposed for six guys to do what they liked with. Like being a captive on a pirate ship or something. I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that my cunt was already oozing with expectation, and whatever happened it was bound to be exciting. Without any warning two hands were on the cheeks of my ass, caressing them and squeezing them. Then a finger played around my anus and probed a little way inside. You’re supposed to be recognizing my cunt, not my anus, I thought. But it was a lovely sensation. Fingers slid inside my soggy vulva, and gently pulled aside my outer lips. My cunt must be fully open, I thought. Open for view. Open for fucking, only Melanie had said they weren’t to. Pity! The fingers slid easily into my cunt, inside my cunt, up my cunt, and explored the depths of it, making my whole ass twitch with the pleasure.

Then, disappointingly, the fingers withdrew, and she was left empty and hungry for more, and I felt a trickle down the insides of my thighs that told me whoever it was could see how much I liked his attentions. Suddenly I gasped. Something warm was on my cunt. A mouth. A tongue was probing inside my cunt hole. A mouth was sucking my cunt lips inside and rubbing them with its tongue.

A male voice said, “Time’s up, move on.” And I was left high and dry in the middle of a delightful frig. Then the palm of a hand enclosed my whole cunt, and a finger slid in my slit to where my engorged clit was waiting for attention. The finger felt around, felt the little button, pressed on it, and I could feel it throb. I wondered if he could feel it. The finger circled, and rubbed, and pressed, and frigged me till I wanted to cry out with the exquisite agony of it. I couldn’t help myself, I had to wiggle my ass and press my cunt into his hand and force my clit harder against his finger.

I’d thought I was in heaven with a row of six glorious pricks to play with. It was nothing to the sensation of having my cunt explored and caressed and probed and frigged and sucked by six different men with six wonderfully perverted minds. I couldn’t hold back any longer by the time the third guy started on me. Not that I wanted to. I came into his mouth, forcing my cunt into his mouth, forcing my ass against his face and writhing in ecstasy while his tongue fucked me and his finger diddled my clit. After that I came each time a new guy masturbated me in a different way, until I lost count and the game came to an end. But then Melanie said, “Right, fella’s, if you haven’t cum already, now’s your chance. Do whatever you like with those fucking machines of yours.”

The guys didn’t waste time. They must have had their pricks out already. Probably they were masturbating while they worked on us. My cunt was suddenly forced open and a hot organ slid easily and slowly inside me. After all the tension and the thrills that my cunt had been enjoying as six different guys frigged me, and the throbbing deep inside with every orgasm, the feeling as my vagina became steadily more filled with hot pulsating prick was the most delicious sensation of all. The prick seemed to go in and in, right up into my belly, until the guy’s thighs were pressed hard against my ass cheeks. Then the piston began to pull out again, the swollen head reaming me out as it left me empty and wanting more. Then, slowly and deliberately it thrust in again, a ramrod that seemed as if it would never stop, until I felt as if every part of my belly was being filled with this hot throbbing organ.

I’d never had a fuck like this, so slow and inexorable, with my whole cunt so completely crammed full. It felt as if it was so absolutely under control that it must go on for ever, a perpetual fucking machine. But it didn’t go on for ever. The piston gave a sudden hard thrust and rammed so deep into my vagina that right up somewhere near my navel I felt a surge of boiling cum.

The piston started to ram faster, and each time it filled me I felt that wonderful prick ejaculating a stream of hot sperm deep into my entrails. That was when my cunt went ballistic. Each time my guy rammed me, my ass rammed down to meet him. His thrusts and the convulsions inside my cunt seemed to synchronize. He went on ejaculating, and I went on cumming, until it seemed we’d never stop.

And that’s the way I want to remember that evening, as if we’d never stopped.

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Tori Black Rides Her Friends Brothers BBC

tori black

it’s big black cock fuck time for sexy Tori Black, a girl who’s sexy body looks built to take some really large dicks! This scene from My Sisters Hot Friend has this sexy petite girl getting boned by a seriously big black cock, she’s all over his big bone and she wants it bad. Some great fucking in this scene, Tori Black ain’t shy to get on top and ride that meat pole for all it’s worth, and when the time comes, she’s there to take a big load of cum on her face like a good good should – but only a bad girl will!

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Hot Sultry Amateur Bella Quinn

bella quinn

I actually had someone the other day ask me to define some of the terms used to describe a girl. When I got to sultry, I had a hard time to find a good description, so instead I pulled out this shot of Bella Quinn and said “like this”. Basically, Bella Quinn has that look in her eye (and body) that she is ready to seduce you, to attack you, and probably to eat you for dinner once she is done using you. She’s seductive as hell and has a really killer body to match, nice firm tits and a sexy ass, plus she’s not stick thin which means she’s got plenty of good stuff to enjoy. She’s petite but full, a perfect example of an amateur hotty you would love to have sitting on your face!

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