Nikki Sims Smoking Hot Underboob


According to many people I have talked to (I talk to people, wow!), underboob is one of the more under rated (see what I did there?) parts of a girls anatomy, and also one of the most under rated turn ons. Honestly, show a guy the bottom of a girls tits, and they are fucking rock hard and waiting for more! Sexy Nikki Sims brings on the underboob and the side boob and the almost boob and pretty much every other piece of teasing around, this girl knows how to get your blood flowing south, if you know what I mean. Hot and sexy, Nikki Sims will make you want more… and more and again!

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Chloe Amour Is the Office Sex-retary


Hot office fuck scene with sexy Chloe Amour getting her tight little twat packed full of hard meat. This girl is tiny but a hot fuck for sure, check out the setup:

Chloe Amour is a secretary at a Doctor’s office. A patient comes in after hours and Chloe tries her best to help him out with his problem. Apparently, this patient is a sex addict. Well Chloe hasn’t been fucked in a while so she decides the best to solve both their problems is to fuck each other on the waiting room couch,

Sex Addict meet needy pussy, let’s get down to fucking! This girl is pretty fucking hot, and she looks great with cum all over her face too!

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Wifes Date

Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty. Angie turned and looked at her profile in the mirror checking out her firm round ass and tiny waist along with her 38 D cup breasts.

Angie placed the palm of her hand near her cleavage tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon. Angie had pale skin, which was speckled with red freckles and had to be very careful not to get too much sun otherwise she would burn.

She tossed the towel onto the bed and opened the dresser drawer and starred at the stack of panties that filled the drawer. Angie looked at the dress hanging on the back of the door which she bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all. The green dress she bought clung to her body and the panty line showed and looked ugly and if she had taken more notice when she tried it on she would have picked another material to wear. Angie brushed her teeth leaning over the sink watching her large full tits giggling as she moved the tooth brush around inside her mouth. She couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready for a date with another man.

Angie got angry every time she thought about the mess her husband Walt got them into with his gambling. Walt had made a bet with someone at a poker game and when he told the man he was short of money and couldn’t pay off the debt they had made another agreement with the man.

Walt had said the man was very angry with him and Walt had to come up with an idea to keep from getting himself beaten up because Walt said he was at least 6′ 7″ and massive in size. In addition to this big man, Walt said he had a couple of big body guards with him that night and they looked very intimidating and Walt was afraid for his life.


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Busty Schoolgirl Dillion Carter Rides Teachers Prong

schoolgirl fucking

Dillion Carter makes the perfect dream student, a perfect schoolgirl with a killer body and an amazing rack. Her schoolgirl uniform is perfect for school, and even better to get fucked in. This scene has her getting boned by the teacher, and he is smart enough to let her big tits loose but keep her uniform skirt on, giving us the perfect schoolgirl fuck fantasy view. Great action too, this girl is a really intense fuck and she loves teachers big long prong deep in her tight student body!

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Sexy Kendall First Time Outdoor Nudes

outdoor nudes

You have to love a sexy girl who ends up in the middle of a public tennis court in nothing but heels! Sexy Kendall is a real knockout with a nice natural body and a sweet shaved pussy, and she is getting nude for the camera for the first time for FTV Girls. They take her on quite a ride, including some time riding in a Bugatti Veryon! She looks super sexy and hot, and getting naked in public like this certainly turns her on, she masturbates like crazy and cums repeatedly thinking about her public exposed!

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Holly Heart Hardcore Office Fuck

office fuck

Hotty Holly Heart is getting a hard fucking in this new scene from Naughty Office. This girl is pretty fucking solidly built and she looks amazing in stocking and heels getting her tight cunt fucked hard right in the office!

Holly Heart keeps having to talk to an employee about his attire. He never seems to be wearing the proper work attire. Holly has had it with his lack of respect for the dress code so she decides that if he’s not going to wear the right thing then he’s not wearing anything at all. She has him strip down. She’s amazed by his cock once she see’s it so instead of punishing him she has him fuck her hard.

Now that’s a way to handle a dress code violation – don’t punish, encourage with a big cock in her wet coochie!

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Covered With Cum

It was Saturday night – a few days earlier in the week, Rick asked me whether I wanted to go to the Club that weekend – as it turned out, it was “schoolgirl night,” and anyone dressed as a schoolgirl (knowing the Club, I assume that didn’t only mean women), would get in admission-free – the schoolgirl and her date, whether handsome football player or not. According to the Club’s Web site, the dress code included saddle shoes, cotton panties, and bobbie sox – none of which I owned. In fact, I not only was bereft of cotton panties, I owned no underwear – some eight years ago, Rick had tossed all of my underthings – cotton briefs included – out his car window. So, on Saturday, Rick and I took a shopping trip – cotton panties and bobbie sox were relatively easy, the saddle shoes a bit more difficult. However, we managed to find a pair of tennis-shoes, black stripes up the side, that – at least in the dark – would look saddle-y enough. Size 6 and only ten bucks!

So, it was Saturday night, and I was dressed in a short plaid skirt, a lacey, almost see-through white blouse, bobbie sox (Tommy Hilfiger with a palm tree print!), the not-quite saddle shoes, and, of course, the requisite cotton panties. (Rick grimaced at those!) In addition, I put my hair – long, reddish and curly – into two ponytails – a look I never wear, and never wore even in high school (though I had been a cheerleader, I usually went for the Pat Benatar look – you know, short hair with the big pouf in front). After I dressed, I walked into our bedroom – Rick was turned away from the doorway, searching for his own appropriate outfit. I started cheering, clapping my hands in rhythm, “Rick, Rick, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can! GOOOOOOOOOOOO Rick!” Rick jumped, then started to laugh, “Got right into it, did you girlie?”

We drove into the City – the New Jersey Parkway and the Turnpike were no problem, but, outside the Holland Tunnel, we drove into the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. We tussled with a few SUV’s, trying to ease our 1988 Fox Station Wagon into the appropriate lane, but ended up being squeezed into the EZPass – which we don’t possess. Rick grumbled, “Good Lord, I wonder what the ticket for that will be,” and I admit that I thought longingly of my bed, a glass of wine, and the thick Antonia Fraser tome on King Henry’s wives that currently lay on my bedside table. Once through the tunnel, though, our trials weren’t over yet – we drove around for another 40 minutes, desperate for a parking spot. Finally, we found one, and I muttered to myself, thinking of the wine, the book, the bed once again – Is this really worth it?

Well, I was about to discover the answer to that particular question.


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Newcomer Alli Rae Hardcore Casting Couch Fuck

alli rae casting couch x

If you want to be a pornstar, you have to have your first fuck somewhere. For Alli Rae, that first fuck comes at the hands (and cocks) of the guys from Casting Couch X. This cute blond shows up all ready to be a pornstar, and soon enough they are pulling open her wet pink pussy and fucking her good and solid. This girl loves the cock! Alli Rae is a seriously natural fuck, great in front of the cameras and she handles a pretty fucking big cock deep in her tight twat without complaint – and gets a massive facial cumshot on top of it all! This hot little blond certainly has a future in porn, she’s a great fuck!

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Malena Morgan Pussy Closeups and Masturbation

malena morgan

Now this is hot! Malena Morgan is a truly sexy and natural girl, super horny, and more than willing to do it all to get off. This set from Wow Girls will have you saying wow for sure, because this sexy hotty uses fingers, toys, and sheer desire to get herself off to a thundering climax as she masturbates her sweet looking pussy – and she isn’t shy to let the camera get in super tight so we get the pussy closeup shots we love! She’s soaking wet and having fun, jamming her fingers inside and then replace them with a rather sizable dildo, which gets her off really well! Nice shots, and plenty of close in action, you can see her pussy twitching and contacting as she cums!

malena morgan pussy

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First Time Anal By The Pool

It was a hot day and as soon as I could finish work I headed home with the intention of having some cold drinks and lazing round the pool. I’m in my early 40s (OK, 44) and live alone with my 18 year old daughter, Suzie. My divorce was settled recently and I’ve got no plans other than seeing Suzie through university and living a comfortable uncomplicated life.

I had just changed into swimming briefs and was pouring a scotch over a tumbler of ice when the doorbell rang. It was Jamie, one of Suzie’s friends from school days, who lives nearby. Suzie doesn’t have much time for her, and they share little in common, but Jamie doesn’t know when she’s not wanted. She hadn’t been around for a couple of weeks – not since a row caused by her trying to race off Suzie’s boyfriend (frankly, in my view, Jamie could have the worthless prick). But I suppose it was too much to hope that she’d stay away for long.

Today she was in high heel clogs, white hot pants and pink halter top, the ring in her belly button on display as well as her recently bleached hair with pink streaks, pink nails, and overkill makeup. ‘Hi Mr. D!’ she said, in a voice overly cheery to hide her insecurity. ‘Is Suzie at home?’ Jamie has long been a regular visitor, using our place as a refuge since she first started getting in trouble with her folks about four years ago – smoking, underage drinking, truancy, unsavoury boyfriends, drugs.

‘Sorry, Jamie, she’s got a couple of late lectures and is staying over at her mother’s place.’

I moved to close the door, but Jamie piped up again. ‘I was just hoping to chill out by the pool for a while, you know, ‘cos things are a bit tight at home just now.’ I raised an eyebrow and she went on. ‘I dropped out of TAFE yesterday – again! tee hee – and went round to Jay’s and got ripped and the olds are real pissed.’

I have trouble keeping up with Jamie’s misadventures. Having dropped out of school in year 11 her parents enrolled her for secretarial school. That lasted a few months then they got her into a vocational college for animal handling, but she dropped out of that. I think the last one was jewellery making or some such. As for Jay, he’s the latest loser in a string of doped up, dropped out, pasty-faced, hollow-eyed wasters that she’s hung out with.

I really wanted to be on my own but shrugged OK and she walked by me heading for the patio door, tottering on her clogs. I finished fixing my drink and debated whether I should change out of my skimpy briefs and into something more modest. But what the hell. Jamie had seen me round the pool in these togs and the shorts didn’t exactly reduce my gut or anything. I went outside, she was sitting on a lounge in a skimpy pink bikini, sunglasses perched on top of her head, applying sun cream to her legs. I sat and watched her as I sipped. Her skin was quite pale – despite having spent half the summer over here – and smooth. She was still quite adolescent in shape, a bit of puppy fat, smallish breasts, but shapely legs and her butt filled out her bikini nicely. Very nicely.


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