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Anal Sex At The Football Game

I have wanted to tell this story for a long time now. And with football season about to start again, I just have to get it out. It was last year in November during an Oakland Raiders game. I was sitting drinking a beer when this drop dead gorgeous blonde walked down my aisle. I tried to make eye contact and she gave me the ol’ “not if you were the last man on Earth” look down her nose.

Well that made me want her even more and so I stared at her perfectly round ass that swayed in a short dress with each step. As she turned I saw her huge boobs were barely contained by the low dress and I wondered what in the world was she doing here? I got all my buddies to check her out and agree she would be one hell of a hot fuck.

The next thing you know, she is standing at the front rail leaning forward, giving us all a good look at the shape of her ass and the thong splitting her nice round cheeks. She was leaning forward to show off those big boobs! And half the stadium was watching them instead of the game, including my friends and me.

I got a brainstorm (in the head between my legs) and said “let’s go down there” to my buddies. She was much too caught up in the attention to notice us surrounding her. In fact she hardly noticed me grinding my hard cock up against her ass at first. When she did notice she also noticed the crowd of guys pinning her in and also that everyone in the stadium would see if she made a scene. So, she whispered “bastard” at me while smiling down at the crowd and leaning forward to make her boobs jut out even more.

Knowing that I had the advantage, I edged her dress up until my hands could roam her soft white ass cheeks. She pushed back with her ass (like that was going to scare me off) and I replied by pulling my stiff cock out of my pants and pressing it between her ass cheeks. Her eyes went wide at that but just then a TV camera focused its attention on her and she again became all smiles for the crowd. This was way too much to pass up and I pulled her thong aside so my cock to probe at the opening to her pussy.

I was so surprised to be greeted by a sticky wet sensation. She was wet! All this crowd attention was turning her on! One quick thrust and I had half my cock in her pussy. “Oh you fucking bastard” was all she had to say as I started to fuck my cock in and out of her hot pussy. I could just imagine her lips were strawberry pink and dripping woman cum as I sank the last of my 8 inches into her. She groaned and leaned forward some more, her ass lifting as she did so, giving me even more angle to fuck her in front of 80,000 people. The crowd was cheering now as though they knew she was about to cream all over my cock when I realized one of her beautiful boobs was about to pop loose. I rotated back and forth in her, both trying to make her boobs break free and trying to get her off so she wouldn’t be able to stop them.

But she was even hotter than I thought she was and with a really nasty groan she came, juices dripping down both our thighs. A “squirter” I thought as she tried to suck the cum right out of my balls with her pulsing pussy. I looked down to admire it and was greeted by her brown ass hole looking back at me. It didn’t look all stretched out but I had a feeling that she had been ass fucked more than once and would enjoy getting it again.

I pulled my cock out of her still throbbing pussy, lined it up with that brown winking eye, and thrust right into her unto my balls slapped against her sticky, juice covered pussy lips. Now she let out a guttural groan and at the same time both boobs burst out of her dress. The crowd’s cheers drowned out the sounds of her groans as I plowed her ass with wild abandon. It didn’t take long and I could feel my cock head swelling up and ready to explode! Her ass was so tight; maybe she hadn’t ever had a cock in there after all. Then just as I shoved my cock all the way in and ground it in even deeper, I let loose with the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had. It shot all the way up her bowels filling her ass with my hot sticky semen. And she responded to that with an orgasm that made all other orgasms pale in comparison. She shuddered and moaned for a good 2 minutes, sucking every last drop of cum out of my cock with that beautiful ass.

As she finished the last spasms of her orgasm I pulled my cock out with a loud plop. Definitely an anal virgin no more! We all slowly walked away while she stuffed her gorgeous boobs back into her dress and backed away from the rail and all her admirers. Fortunately all the TV camera could see was a sexy blonde woman showing off her boobs and pretending to have an orgasm for the crowd. While some stranger stood close behind her with a look of obvious enjoyment on his face.

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