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Black Dance Floor

Saturday night at last! She’d been counting the days all week. It wasn’t that often they got out anymore, finances being tight but they’d promised themselves a night on the town with friends and it was finally here.

She’d been rummaging through her wardrobe to find some suitable clothes. A few bars first but maybe a club afterwards? She’d need some flashy gear to suite all possibilities. A dress, yes a dress . She hadn’t had an excuse to wear one for a while. Jeans and tops were her norm. A soft blue summer number seemed appealing. Lifting it off the hook she let her dressing gown slip to the floor. Slipping it on she was delighted to see it still fitted okay. Could she get away without wearing a bra? Fuck yes she thought to herself as she cheekily cupped her breasts.

She was still admiring herself in the mirror when her boyfriend shouted upstairs that the taxi was here. Bloody hell, it’s early she thought. Finding a small blue g-string she slipped it on. Then her favorite black, strapped shoes and she was done.

“You got some money James?” she yelled out as she went downstairs.

“Yeah, now hurry up Sarah! ” came the reply.

One last glimpse of herself in the mirror as she walked out the bedroom. She comically threw her head back and lifted her leg backwards like the old time actresses did in the movies and blew herself a kiss. She felt sexy tonight!

They got into the back of the cab together. The Indian cab driver eyeing her up as she slid over. She noticed his stares and grinned to herself. She secretly got off on lurid glances from other guys. As they traveled to the pub where they were to meet their friends, her boyfriend continuously ran his hand up and down her thigh. Nibbling her neck and whispering in her ear.

“You look so sexy tonight honey. I don’t know why we had to come out, we should have stayed home and fucked all night!”

“Easy tiger … later!” she purred back whilst teasingly stroking the bulge in his trousers.

All this did not go unnoticed by the cabbie. He had a wicked view of her g-string every time her man’s hand ran up her leg. His own cock was hard and he had his hand in his pocket rubbing himself off as he’d done countless times before when he had attractive ladies in his cab. He knew what he was going to fantasize about later when he jacked off.

They arrived at the bar and joined their friends inside. Another two couples – old friends who it was good to see again. Lots of idle chit-chat. Catching up on gossip and plenty of drinks. The evening was going well and as usual the girls and guys got together in same sex groups. The girls fancied a club for some music and dancing and the guys agreed as it was an excuse for more drinks!

A short cab ride to the city and an expensive entry fee and they were all in. The girls hit the floor and the guys settled by the bar. Everyone checking out the talent walking by. Men drooling over the scantily clad chics and the girls admiring sexy asses and smooth dancers.

Sarah left her girlfriends on the dance floor and went to the bar to order a bottle of water.

“I’ll get that for you gorgeous” came a strange voice.

She looked around to see a tall black guy grinning at her.

“I’ve been watching you out on the floor, you can really move” he continued his attempted seduction.

“No your okay, my boyfriend’s paying” she quickly replied and pointed over to the bar.

He didn’t seem fazed and didn’t even bother looking. He just eyed her up and down blatantly and smiled.

“Well, as your man’s busy over there, you wanna get busy with me?”

She went to speak…

“On the dance floor I mean” he finished.

She paused for a while. He was attractive and she loved to dance. Plus her already sexy mood now fueled by alcohol made her actually entertain the idea.

He stepped towards the floor and stretched out his hand.

“You coming gorgeous?”

She took an hesitant step, he took her hand and led her off into the darkness of the club. They walked quite away through the throbbing masses of people. She was a little drunk and quite disorientated and couldn’t quite place where she was going.

“Do you want to dance or walk a marathon?” she asked pulling his hand.

“Quieter floor space over here” he laughed.

He walked again and she followed. They were at the back of the club now right by the emergency exits. There were still quite a few people there but more room to move.

They danced to a couple of songs together. She enjoyed the music and he enjoyed the sight of this hot little white girl shaking her stuff in front of him. He drank in the view. She was 5 foot 6″, slim, short light hair, nice firm tits all wrapped up in a tight dress. Her toned smooth legs ending in those sexy heels. His cock was hard.

He moved in closer and put his hands on her hips and swayed to the dance beat with her. That’s okay she thought, just hands on my hips. She continued to dance. He read this as a good sign. He stepped in closer and slipped his hands round onto her ass finding her tight cheeks.

“Easy there” she said and attempted to step back a little.

He held her close.

“Thought you liked to dance? This is how we dance here” he teased.

He gripped her little ass tight and pulled her quickly up against him, lowered his hips and ground his cock into her.

This was a little too heavy for her. She’d flirted a little with guys when she was out with friends, even the occasional drunken kiss but there was no doubt what this guy wanted! Although the hard meat in his trousers grinding against her clit was sending wicked sensations through her.

She wasn’t pushing him away. He interpreted this as another good sign. The little devil that had sprung up on her shoulder was telling her to have one more dance and a kiss if that’s what he wanted. She was in a crowded place and she could call a doorman over if she wanted him to go. He was good looking … yes one more dance.

“Okay, one more dance then I’ve got to get back to my friends” she smiled as she said this but her moist pussy was disagreeing.

“Cool baby” he said and pulled her further into the darkness.

They were right at the back edge of the floor now. He continued to hold her tight against him as he squeezed her ass. His mouth dropped to her neck and he licked her damp white skin. She moaned and tilted her head back. He raised his head and kissed her, she responded. His tongue filled her mouth as he grunted and pulled her in tighter still.

His pre-cum was soaking his underwear and her juices had soaked the small piece of material covering her pussy. He let his hands slip down her legs then back up under her dress once again gripping her ass. This time she didn’t seem to mind. He continued his forceful kiss and pulled her cheeks apart. He ran his finger down the crack of her ass pushing the strap of her g-string aside until he found her asshole.

She broke off the kiss.

“Hold on, what are you doing?” she knew full well but this needed to stop now.

“But don’t you like this girl?” he pushed the tip of his finger into her ass.

She jerked forward. Shit it felt good she thought. She opened her mouth to speak again but he quickly leant down and silenced her with a hungry kiss. Pushing his finger a little deeper into her sweet white ass. He felt her moan as he kissed her. He knew she was his now.

He broke off the kiss and looked at her as he finger fucked her tight little ass right there on the dance floor. She closed her eyes and let the dirty feelings she was experiencing take over. He took her hand and slipped it down into his trousers. She felt the sticky knob of his hard cock on her fingers. He let her hand go and she slipped it down further to the base of his shaft and then began to wank him off inside his trousers.

He joined in the moaning as they both pleasured each other in the dark club. But he wanted his cock to feel the wet flesh of her little white cunt stretching around it. He scanned around for a spot to take his prize. He leant back to look and rested against the rear exit doors. One opened. He peered out to see that it led to a small car park, probably for the staff.

He took his finger from her ass and withdrew her hand from his trousers.

“Come on sexy” he took her hand again.

He looked around again, no doormen watching. He slipped out with her and pushed the door to. The car park had no lighting and there was no-one around. He grabbed and kissed her again. Walking her backwards until they bumped up against a car. He shuffled her legs apart with his knee and ran his hands up her creamy thighs to her g-string. He quickly hooked his thumbs into it and yanked it down. She kicked the unnecessary garment off and leaned back letting her new lover do as he would with her.

He pushed a long, black finger into her little juicy white pussy. She sighed and rested her hands on his shoulders. He worked his finger in and out of her. Her juices running down his knuckles and dripping off onto the gravel. She was so wet.

“You like that huh?” he teased.

“OOH fuck yes!” she hissed back.

He stood back a little to watch as he fingered his new conquest but her dress was blocking his view. He stopped and stepped back.

“Don’t stop!” she almost begged.

“I want to see your sexy little body girl, take your dress off for me!”

All thoughts of what was right and wrong had left her now. She just wanted those fingers, his tongue, his cock! Deep inside her. She slipped off the shoulder straps, let the dress fall to the wet ground and stepped out of it.

Man, she look good!

“Show me how wet you are baby!” he ordered.

She put her leg up onto the car showing him her saturated hole. He unzipped his trousers and slid them down to his ankles along with his shorts. Grabbing his dark cock he started to wank himself as he watched.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard bitch!” his eyes were on fire.

“You want this?” he jeered pointing his cock at her.

“Yes, fuck me. FUCK me now!” she ordered whilst she opened her legs and slid back onto the bonnet of the car.

He stepped forward out of his trousers. He held her thighs wide open. His cock resting on her belly.

“Put it inside you” he told her.

She reached down and took his meat in her hand. She lifted her head and they both watched as she fed his big, black cock into her white, sopping pussy. This was no sensual screw – it was a raw fuck! He instantly started slamming into her. If she had complained he wouldn’t have stopped. He just fucked his hard 8 inches into her. It was animal. Insults and submissive replies flowed from their lips:

“You like your dirty white cunt fucked by black cock don’t you?”

“Yes, don’t stop. I want it!”

“You are such a cock whore!”

“I know. Fuck me, fuck me!”

“I’m gonna baby. I’m gonna fill you full of my cum!”

This pushed her to yet another orgasm. She tensed and bucked on his cock. That was a big one and it really turned him on. He lifted her up a little and pushed his finger back into her ass.

“That’s so fucking good” she cried out wriggling on his cock and finger.

She’d always loved anal sex with her boyfriends as she had a very sensitive asshole.

“You like that huh slut?”

She just moaned and shuddered. He pulled his tool from her and lifted her legs higher.

“I’m gonna fuck me some white ass now bitch!”

He pushed the tip of his cock into her puckered ass hole. It went in easily and she didn’t flinch. He pushed forward firmly impaling her onto his shaft.

“That’s it yeah… fuck my ass!” she begged.

He pumped her fast. Her fingers went to her clit as his disappeared into her pussy. She came again. Her juices dripping down onto the cock that was violating her ass. Lubricating it as they fucked.

He was in heaven and was close to cumming. He had always had a thing for sexy little white girls’ feet. He took her toes into his mouth and feasted on them as he fucked her ass. His thrusts faster, deeper. She knew he was close and worked her fingers faster on her clit. She egged him on. She wanted his cum.

“That’s it baby shoot it, shoot your cum!”

That was it for him. He let her toes slip from his mouth as he cried out. He lurched forward pouring his hot, thick cum deep into her ass. She wrapped her legs around him as his body convulsed from his orgasm.

He looked down at his panting bitch. She was feverishly flicking her clit. Her eyes closed as she brought herself off one last time.

“Liked that dance?” he smiled.

She made no reply as she was still coming down from her orgasm. He pushed her hips as he stepped, sliding her off his cock making her wince a little. She slithered down slowly from the car, picked up her dress and slipped it on. She pulled up her g-string but the thin back piece did little to cover her gaped ass hole.

He grabbed her arm.

“You are one dirty bitch and you have one lucky boyfriend.”

He kissed her again.

“Gotta go” she replied then tentatively stepped back through the emergency exit into the club. Her pussy and ass throbbing from her illicit sex. The strange guy’s cum still hot in her little ass.

She saw her friends.

“Where’ve you been honey?” James asked her.

“Oh out to get some air” she blatantly lied.

He patted her on the bum. She bit her lip. She saw her black stranger walking to the exit on the other side of the room. He winked at her and she grinned.

James leant forward and whispered into her ear.

“I’m gonna fuck this tight, little ass later Sarah.”

She giggled out loud.

“Yeah?” she looked at him.

“We must get out more often babe” and then she kissed him.

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