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Cum In Me

“Cum in me” Kim’s moan extended, “yes baby, cum in me.”

The little horny blonde, stretched her arse that little bit more. Allowing me greater access to her sweet hot fucking pussy. How I had longed to get my cock in her cunt. To spread her pussy lips, and push my entire length into her steamy little box.

Rose, ever loving and patient Rose, was slowly inserting a finger in my arse.

Kim let out another moan “My pussy is well fucked, and was made for fucking. I’d love to feel two cocks, oh ahh, yeah babe, get that cock right in there.”

Lifting her little pale Singlet, I was able to rub her tits, those nipples were so hard.

“Twist my nipples, harder.”

Michelle was sitting back now, letting Kim slowly finger fuck her.

Ronnie had disappeared into the back both with Alison and a few others, that all looked like fun.

My cock was rubbing on the material of Kim’s little undies, fuck I was really loving this root. Those undies, how had they survived? They were soaked in so many different juices.

My cum flowed, oooohhhhhhhh yeah, it really released good.


Kim’s partner, Ronnie had arranged a party for her birthday. We all met in a large hotel in town. Throughout the drinks, several of the girls kept calling for the birthday girl to strip, that Kim should get down and dirty. The lads all wanted her up on the pool table, giving us a good show.

Eventually Ronnie lifted Kim’s dress enough times that we all knew what her knickers were like. Michelle had even gone so far as to pour a Sambuca over one of Kim’s tits and suck it off. That was so hot.

Dave liked that idea, he got young Alison into one of the booths, poured a beer down her blouse and then proceeded to follow it with his tongue. It was not long till her top was long gone, and her skirt was trying to disappear as well.

Somewhere around this time, the Landlord, old Tom, came through and made some changes to the party arrangements… Suddenly the people in the room who were not part of our group were being shuffled out to the other bars, and this snooker room was closed off as a private function… Oh they do spoil Kim and Michelle. They are such flirts and both love to groove.

Now young Bruce has never been known for his shyness, but then I would never have expected the following. Up onto the back bar he jumped, and to the egging on of the barmaid and several others he started stripping to “Little Red Corvette” by Prince. Fuck, Bruce really had a bloody big Corvette in his pants. I was shocked, and not even erect, and he covered my 6 ½ inches… Danielle, our spunky bar maid had a great view, she was standing in a little 4 by 5 bar in the corner, with the back of Bruce’s knees right in her face. Every time that Bruce would shimmy or bend, his arse was right in her face. Danny took great advantage of this. Reaching out and kissing his arse, pinching his legs, even grabbing his cock every now and then. We were all in hysterics over the antics of Bruce’s strip. As the song closed Bruce did a big show of it all, ending with a big bow, with his butt facing us. Then he jumped down into the bar well with Danny. They both smiled, the dropped out of sight. This was getting all very interesting.

With Bruce’s strip show over, we turned on Kim, yelling and hooting for her to mount the pool table and let the Birthday festivities roll on. She looked so hot, standing over there, half dancing but mainly grinding herself between Ronnie and Michelle. With there help Kim got up on the table. It was not long before her dress was up around her waste. The music raged, and Kim went wild. Slowly dropping the straps of her dress, letting her little singlet out to play. So light, so pale, so sheer, so fucking hot. Michelle and Ronnie both started to climb up on the table. The dress went flying, a tit appeared, a hand started to pull her knickers aside. That cute little butt! Then Ronnie started to slap Kim’s butt. Harder, and harder, and harder! Those cheeks were so red. She could not stand, slipping first to her knees, then face down on the table. Ronnie all but fell off the table all together. Luckily two of the guys, like a few of us, were right on the edge of the table watching it all so closely.

Michelle sat down, lifted her skirt, revealing her bare shaven pussy, stockings and thigh high boots. Kim was drawn to her pussy, like a bear to the honey pot. She started to pull and move Michelle’s pussy lips. Then she just buried her face straight in, licking, sucking and having a great ol’ time.

One of the blokes on the other side of the table positioned himself in between Kim’s thighs, and thrust his cock into her soaking pussy. Ronnie started to laugh and encouraging the bloke on. Ronnie then leant over and continued to smack Kim’s arse. Michelle just smiled and giggled at the whole show.

Now you must know that Michelle is known to have the sweetest of pussies, a real delight to munch on, and our Kim was really going to town. At this point I snapped out of a trance like stated, my pants were being invaded by hands from behind, looking around I came face to face with Rose. Oh sweet loveable Rose. Rose took hold of my hard cock, it was so good to have her small and delicate hands playing with me, oh bring it on Baby.

“Having fun watching the show?”

All I could do was growl from the depths of my lungs.

Rose may be less than half of my weight, but she could throw me when required. As much as I tried to back us away from the table, Rose held us in place.

“Watch, enjoy, your in the line.”

Line? Yet looking around I could see it all now. We were in a strange sexual conga.

Michelle was sitting there on the pool table. Kim with her face buried so happily in Michelle’s pussy. The bloke, I think his name is Tim, giving Michelle a full service with his hard cock. Next to Tim was Ol’ Tom, with his cock out and slowly rubbing his hand up and down the shaft. Ann and Denise were next in the queue. Although the way they were kissing, I think they forgot where they were. Then there was Rosy and I, oh her hands felt so good, invigorating. My blood was running so hot and fast. Behind us were three others, but for the life of me, I have no idea what they were up so. To cap our little conga off was Ronnie, still leaning across the table and smacking Kim’s sweet arse.

Over the next hour we worked our little conga down. Oh the show that went on. Ol’ Tom sure is a horny old coot. He came so fucking hard, and then the girls had such fun licking and sucking it all out. I was so lucky that Rose had taken my cock in hand, left to my own devices I would have blown my load well and truly by now.

And that is how I finally got to blow my load so deep into Kim’s sweet pussy.

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