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Tasty Teen Teagan Licked Fucked and Creampied

Guys are suck dogs, we will do anything for a thrill. This guy is over at his girlfriends house, she won’t be back for a couple of hours and he is just chilling. He gets an idea after taking a leak when he spots her 18 year old sister‘s dirty panties on her bed. He is checking out the smell and doesn’t know that the sister is home, catching him with a face full of her used panties. Well, girl sees a good situation and decides that she can keep his secret, if he will give her a good fucking. He checks twice to make sure she is legal, and then dives in to lick out her teen twat. Nice shaved pusys on this girl! He fucks her hard and deep, and this girl is keeping up and loving all of it. He has a very special surprise for her in the end, I hope she is on the pill because he just starts pumping his cum deep in her teen twat, and then pulls out and jizzes her pussy like mad. That thick white semen is all over her shaved cunt. What a hot creampie pussy!

Updated: August 7, 2010 — 9:55 am
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