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Virgin Melons

I squeezed Tara’s large D cup tits around my cock and started sliding it up and down between her soft, slippery melons.

I loved titty fucking my girlfriend Tara. She had nice, large D cups, with big red nipples and medium sized areolas. All attached to a perfectly slim, hourglass figured.

I rode my girlfriend’s chest like no tomorrow. My big balls dragged up and down between her cleavage as I thrusted my cock up and down. I could feel Tara’s hands squeezing and caressing my ass and her loud moans were turning me on more and more.

I tightly squeezed and squished her big tits over my cock so I couldn’t see it anymore. I pounded her big tits harder and harder. I loved feeling the bottoms of her knockers bounce against my slick thighs.

“Hmmm Tara! I love your tits. Ohhhh I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

I fucked Tara’s tits for nearly 6 minutes and was ready to explore. I thrusted harder between her soft pillows as my cockhead expanded enormously. The peehole open up and sprayed my girlfriend’s chest and then erupted between her boobs. I pulled my cum-spurting cock from her tits and sprayed the surfaces of her lovely mounds. I rubbed my cockhead against her hard nipples and drenched them as best as I could with my thick jizz.

I alternated back and forth between her big tits, emptying my remaining jizz and cockslapping her delicious mounds.

I rolled off my girlfriend and lied next to her. I watched as she rubbed my cum into her breasts. I reached over and helped smear my cum all over her left breast.

“Hey baby?” Tara said in a soft voice.

“Yes?” I answered as I sat up with my limp dick jiggling between my thighs.

“I have a friend who is a virgin in many ways,” Tara said.

“Oh really?” I answered.

“Yes. She’s waiting for the perfect guy to take her virginity away.”

I started to get a little nervous as too where this conversation was going.

“My friend Merlin told me by her 19th birthday, she wanted to lose her tit-fucking virginity. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and all the guys that would want to fuck her tits are dumb jocks and assholes,” Tara continued to explain.

My forehead began dripping with beads of sweat.

“And so I was wondering since next week is her 19th birthday babe. If you would be the first to fuck her tits?”

As soon as I heard that request, I felt like doing a thousand jumping jacks. Fireworks explored inside of me. I had to be the luckiest man alive with such a wonderful girlfriend who wanted me to titty fuck her best friend. With her permission none to less. But I didn’t want to show how happy I was, so I played it off as being surprised.

“Wow Tara! That’s a big request. I mean, what would you think about me titty fucking another girl?” I asked her.

“It’s all right. It’s only titty fucking her. She doesn’t want to lose her entire virginity until she has a man of her own. Merlin and I talked it over and she can’t wait to have your nice big dick between her breasts. But then again, you can’t really call a pair of 42F’s breasts. More like huge knockers,” Tara said.

My cock hardens as soon as she said Merlin’s bra size.

“I knew you would like that,” Tara said as she reached over and took hold of my hard cock. “As much as I would like to jerk you off and suck your cock baby. I think it would be best if you don’t jerk off to matter how hard you get. You’re going to need all that cum to cover Merlin’s enormous boobs.”

Tara released my ragging cock and went to the bathroom to clean off. This really sucked that I had to go to bed with a hard-on. But at the end, come next week, I can unload as much as I want on Tara’s best friend’s huge tits.

As the weeks slowly crawled by, it was hard trying to keep my word on not jacking off until Merlin’s birthday. Especially since I had classes with Merlin.

Merlin was hot but never really wanted to expect that. She knew she wasn’t perfect but others had a different opinion. She had mid-shoulder length autumn colored hair, pretty light blue eyes, dove white skin, and a juicy long tongue, which makes her a future blowjob pro. She stood about 5’6, 135, narrow waist, small hands, long legs, gorgeous 7 1/2 size feet, medium sized plump ass, and of course, her greatest features were her enormous tits. They were mammoth. Each one probably a little bit bigger then her head. Merlin thought they made her body look deformed and distorted. She could never hide them beneath the thickest of sweaters and tons of clothing. She was force to be an eye candy for every male in town. Including male teachers married men, priest, and just about every other male she has come across. Even her male doctors had to be switched to female doctors because they got to jumpy around her.

During each class, Merlin would shyly look over at me and catch me staring at her tits. Of course, every other male would have their eyes set on her delicious hooters too. But only I would be the one to have my way with them come her birthday this weekend.

I hide my throbbing boners behind books while attending school during the day and sat on my hands at home while Tara teased me to get my cock extremely hard and cause me to get blue balls. This continued until the day of Merlin’s birthday.

The birthday arrived and I wasn’t invited to the birthday party during the day, but I was the only guest allowed to attend the birthday after party at night.

Tara brought me to Merlin’s house wearing a blindfold. Once we got into the house, she sat me down on the couch and removed the blindfold. Merlin stood a few feet across from me, wearing a medium sized white tank top with the word “Knockers” in caps and stretched across her enormous bulging hanging titties. Her small nipples poked through the thin material. She also had on a pair of cotton white panties and ankle socks.

My cock instantly filled up the front of my pants. Now I really wanted to fuck Merlin’s juicy hooters and even go beyond that. But I could only titty fuck her for tonight. I could see her tank top had holes and rips in it as her massive jugs wanted to burst free.

“I think we have to get you warmed up first,” said Merlin in her sweet angelic voice.

She came closer to me and dropped to her knees. She sat on the heels of her feet while she undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. A large dent pointed through my boxers.

“I’ve never done anything like this before. I hope I’m good enough to satisfy you,” Merlin said.

Just looking at her tits up-close was satisfying enough. But fucking them would be heavenly bliss.

Tara sat on the next couch and watched Merlin reached into the slit of my boxers and pull out my ragging 9 1/2-inch dick.

“Oh my god! I’ve never seen a dick up close like this before. Especially a big beautiful one like yours,” Merlin explained as she was in awe. “I think I’m going to enjoy giving head. And having my huge tits fucked.”

“I think I will too,” I said to myself as I sat back against the couch and felt her hands moving up and down my prick.

“It’s so big, I have to use both of my hands and even then I still can’t get a tight gasp around it,” Merlin said as her fingers trailed up and down my cock.

I felt this sensation tingly throughout my body. I don’t even think my own girlfriend has never made my body feel this good, without even performing a single sexual act.

“I hope my tits aren’t too big. I wear an F cup just to let you know,” Merlin explained as she looked at me and smiled.

“The bigger the better,” I moaned as I looked down the crack of her tank top and feasted my eyes on her creamy white mounds.

Merlin took off my shoes and socks. Then she pulled my jeans all the way off and then my boxers. I was naked from the waist down. My balls bulged tightly between my thighs.

“Wow! Even have a pair of big balls,” Merlin said amazed as she cupped her first set of balls.

She fondled them in her hands. She palmed them, mauled them, squeezed them, squished them, massaged them, picked them up and dropped them. She watched them slap and bounce on my thighs. Merlin was having a ball. Well actually two balls, but she was enjoying herself and I was enjoying it as well. So well that pre-cum already started oozing from my cockhead.

“Don’t make him cum to early Merlin,” Tara said jokingly.

Merlin stroked my cock slowly while she placed one of my large balls into her mouth. Her warm saliva coated my testicle. Her tongue ravaged all over the big nut in her mouth. Just one testicle was already making me want to erupt all over her gorgeous face and hair.

She sucked that testicle real good, nearly sucking the skin off of it. She dropped it from her wet mouth and sucked up my other testicle. She repeated her performance on the testicle in her mouth. After she sucked that one alone, she alternated between licking and sucking both of my tender balls.

My cock throbbed in her hands.

“Oh god Tara! I think his cock just got an inch larger,” Merlin gasped and swore. “Before we go any further, why don’t I remove my top.”

This was the moment I’ve been waiting for. Merlin stood back and lifted her tank top from the bottom. The enormous bottoms of her pale white breasts slowly started to show. Merlin pushed the top away from her body to that the shirt wasn’t touching her skin. Half of her pinkish areolas showed next. Then her shirt fully revealed her small rock hard nipples. The entire slopes of her breasts were revealed. She pulled her top over her armpits, where her watermelon sized knockers started forming. Finally, her top was completely off and on the floor. Her tits wobbled when she tossed the shirt down. Either Tara and I could keep our eyes off Merlin’s bare 9th and 10th wonders of the world. She had few stretch marks on the sides of her tits. That’s only expected from large natural breasts. They hung very close to her navel as well.

Her gargantuan knockers slapped light against one another as she moved between my legs. Her giant mounds bushed up against my legs as she hovered her face off my huge cock. She slithered her juicy fat tongue out and licked all around my fat cockhead. The tip of her tongue licked up my pre-cum.

“Mmmm! Not bad,” Merlin said as she tasted my cum.

“Plenty more where that came from,” Tara said.

“I hope so,” Merlin agreed.

She gripped the base of my thick meat while she licked my swollen cockhead like a Lollypop. She opened her mouth and stuffed half of my cock between her soft lips.

“Easy girl. This is your first time. You don’t want to choke yourself,” warned Tara.

I didn’t have anything to say but to enjoy this virgin mouth sucking upon my cock.

Merlin started sliding her mouth up and down my cock. Her mammoth jugs were beating against my legs and the couch as she increased her speed. Her head started bobbing furiously between my thighs a she slurped loudly on my dick. Slobber poured all over my prick and down my balls with every slurp and suck she did. Everytime she pulled her mouth up from my shaft, she kept my cockhead between her lips and sucked on it and then moved back down my shaft and bob her mouth up and down. My cock would reach the back of her throat and my pre-cum oozed down her mouth.

My body was on fire and the tingling sensation was felt in my curling toes too. My moans were equally as loud as Merlin’s slobbery sucking. Her mouth moved closer and closer to the base of his cock. She gagged and choked while the cock throbbed in her mouth. She cupped my wet balls and fondled them.

“Oh god! Oh CHRIST!” I moaned as Merlin sucked harder and faster.

Her lips slipped up and down my prick rapidly and my cock had thick saliva coating. The faster she sucked, the louder the noise could be heard throughout the empty house.

Tara even started touching herself as she watched her best friend suck dick like a mad woman possessed. My cock was crammed all the way in Merlin’s mouth and she held her face buried in my crotch. Her large tongue ravaged my cock inside her mouth and my balls were squished against her chin.

Within seconds, I lifted Merlin’s head off my dripping wet cock. He sprang out of her mouth with a slurp sound. Saliva ran and oozed down my big dick.

“That was so fucking good for an amateur,” I said.

Merlin smiled and lifted her body up so that her humongous tits flopped down onto my thighs, with my hard cock in between them. They rested on my thighs like a platter of heavenly goods. Right in front of me were the biggest fucking pair of tits I’ve ever seen in real life. They weighted my thighs down because they were so heavy and yet they felt so pillowy soft squished onto my thighs.

Merlin pushed her lips up to my cockhead and sucked on it. She grabbed the sizes of her tits and closed the large gap in her cleavage with my cock in the middle. My dick was harder then it has ever been before. Squished between two of the softest titties I’ve ever felt.

She just squished her huge tits against my hard cock. I couldn’t see the shaft of my cock anymore. It had completely sunken between her juicy boobs. My fat mushroom head barely peeked out from the top of her slick cleavage.

“Ohhhh! This feels so wonderful. I’ve never expect this to feel this good,” Merlin moaned.

Merlin squeezed and mauled her huge knockers all over my cock. I wanted to erupt so badly but I didn’t want this night to end just yet.

Merlin released my hard dick from between her tits, but they continued to rest on my thighs. She sucked half of my cock between her lips. She bob her head in a fast pace and her slobber oozed down my cock. She pushed her tits back around my cock and run one of her amazing boobs up and down my shaft. She had big enough tits to tit fuck me with one tit.

She moaned and groaned as she moved her boob up and down my cock. She then did the same with the other boob. Her enormous tits felt so good on my crotch. I couldn’t help but to die and go to tit heaven.

Merlin bended her head down and squished her head above her massive tits. She sucked on my enlarged cockhead while she moved her big tits up and down my huge boner.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhh yeaaaah!” I moaned with pleasure.

She grabbed one of her juicy melons and pressed her hard small nipple against my shaft. She run the nipple up and down my cock. She then rubbed the nipple at my peehole and pre-cum oozed onto the moving nipple.

“Yummy!” Merlin moaned as she lifted the heavy tit up to her mouth and sucked on her small nipple. She had some of her areolas between her lips as she tasted my cum.

She dropped that heavy tit back down on my thigh with a loud slapping noise. Merlin squeezed her giant orbs around my cock and started fucking it for all she’s worth. Just furiously bouncing her jugs up and down my extremely hard cock. The inside of her snowy white cleavage turned red as my cock slid up and down inside, giving her some dick burns.

Merlin began loosing it and started swinging her huge tits around on my thighs. Her tits flopped back and forth with my big dick in between them. She moaned hard as she let her sweaty melons beat my cock down.

Oh God! I couldn’t take it anymore. Her F cups were just too good to be true. I pushed Merlin down onto the floor and straddled her chest. I rubbed my ass up and down her stomach. My hairy balls squished between us and my hard meaty dick lied between her mammoth melons. I grabbed a nice chunk of both breasts and squeezed them tightly around my cock. Merlin spread her legs and held onto my ass. I thrusted my big dick between her tits like no tomorrow.

I looked down and saw Merlin’s sweat glistening face and her once pale white skin became flushed. Her big titties bounced and wobbled all over her chest from my intense thrusting. My wet thighs enjoyed the feel of the enormous bottoms of her melons, constantly bouncing off them. Her nipples shot up like small bullets as I fucked her tits harder and harder. I was sweating like a fat man jogging really fast.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Uhhhh! Oh God! Fuck my tits. Please fuck them! Oh! Uhh!” cried out Merlin as she kneaded my buttocks to the breaking point.

I rode her chest for another 5 minutes as she experience her first orgasm from a male. I slapped her tits around with my cock. I watched them ripple and wobble with each slap. My pre-cum splattered on parts of her huge tits.

“Keep fucking my tits! Please!” Merlin begged me.

I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I grabbed her humongous pillows and kneaded them until my heart as content. My huge cock nested between her cleavage and I resumed thrusting up and down, rocking her fat tits up and down her chest.

The floor began to creek from Merlin’s back moving up and down with my thrusting. Her cleavage felt like a nice warm pussy. It was soooo wet, slippery, and warm between her jugs.

I jiggled, bounced, wobbled, and flopped her enormous tits all over my cock while thrusting between them. The soft texture of her massive knockers squished deliciously around my hard prick as I fucked them. I pinched, twisted, and pulled her nipples while squeezing her tits every which way on my cock. I even thrusted my cock on the bottoms of her breasts, leaving no parts of her huge tits untouched by my cock. I wanted my cock to be the first to practically do everything possible to Merlin’s oversized melons. The last time I need to do was drench her chest in cum.

I felt my orgasm taking over my body while I rode her chest.

“Ohhhhhh GOD…” cried Merlin as her orgasm hit.

I bucked my hips and pumped my cock between her tits a few more times and finally a burst of cum blasted on her face, chest, and cleavage.

“OH yess! Cum on my tits!” cried out Merlin.

I pulled my cock from between her tits and aimed it at her sweaty knockers. I shot several large loads after another on her beautiful once virgin tits. The entire surface of her massive tits were drenched in my cum. The cum trailed to beneath her giant melons and to the pillowy sides.

I pressed and rubbed my cockhead on her nipples and areolas. I made sure I covered them in thick layers.

After I finished cumming all over her tits, my limped dick dangled on them and smeared my thick cum onto them. Merlin looked up at me and smiled.

“That was wonderful. I can’t wait to have this experience again with a real boyfriend,” Merlin said.

“The night is still young,” said Tara as she stood in front of Merlin and I topless.

She came over to Merlin and I with her big D cups swaying.

“Lets see how long you can last,” teased Tara as my face was buried between her jiggling boobs.

I sucked her tits and became fully hard instantly. I titfucked Tara and then Merlin was in the mood again. I had the pleasure of titfucking Merlin F cups again and again until I was totally out of it by morning…

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