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You Can Call Me Jo

The night air was cool as we walked out of the club but we barely noticed, the drinks had really dulled the senses and the evenings’ entertainment had our minds on things other than the weather. John had come home on leave from the army and a boys night out had seemed like a really good plan except now it was 3:00 A.M. and we were pretty drunk not to mention pretty horny. Against my better judgment we decided to call my wife JoAnn. After about ten minutes of serious bitching she agreed to pick us up but not before making it clear that the strippers in the club were going to be the last bare titties I was going to see for a while.

The ride home loosened JoAnn up a little, John and I are very happy drunks, and as we got closer to the house I started thinking that a little two on one might make for a fun end for the evening. The only problem with my plan was my sweet little wife still wanted to be mad at me, although we had mellowed her out a little with our drunken antics on the way home she still wouldn’t respond to my advances. Every time I would put a hand on her thigh or try to cup her firm little titty she would push my hand away or move my arm from around her.

JoAnn and I had only been married about a year but we had been dating for three years before that and the one thing I knew is that, at twenty, she was the only woman that I’d ever met with a sex drive equal to my own and it wouldn’t take to much convincing to get her in the mood. Sure enough by the end of the thirty minute ride to the house, though she still would not admit it, she was ready for a good hard fuck. The only thing left now was to convince her to take me AND my best friend at the same time, that proved a little trickier . . . but not much.

When we arrived at the house I immediately started heading JoAnn toward the bed room, kissing her ear and rubbing her sexy 32 b’s through the T-shirt she wore. She was really starting to respond now but right before we got to our bed room she asked “What about John? Should I get him a blanket and pillow for the couch?” “No” I said “I think he should join us baby” “Hey that sounds good to me!” I heard John laugh from behind us, already peeling his shirt off. “You’re both crazy if you think I’m going to be your ten-dollar hooker for the night!” She said as she turned to go into the room. I grabbed her from behind in a big bear hug nibbling on her ear and slipping my hand down the front of her sweat pants, her panties were soaked and I could feel her legs quiver as my fingers brushed her clit through the thin fabric. “Aw come on Jo It’ll be fun” I heard John from behind me. Now you have to under stand my wife hates to be called Jo and John usually only does it to piss her off so when she turned to cuss him and only said “Well I guess we could” I was shocked, then I looked behind me to see that John was now completely naked. At six foot two we were the same height but his Army training had really built his muscles and his semi erect cock was already at least seven inches, the length of mine erect. “Lets see those sexy little tits of yours Jo” John added grinning “All right guys” She said turning to enter the bedroom and stripping off the T-shirt “come on and quit calling me Jo!”

As we entered the bedroom I was practically falling down trying to get out of my clothes. Meanwhile JoAnn had turned back around to show John her gorgeous 34 b’s, she was rubbing the sexy mounds making the nipples hard as diamonds as she pinched them gently. John was returning the favor stroking his long cock to full mast, he was almost nine inches now though I noticed his cock was not nearly as thick as my seven incher. JoAnn continued her little striptease sliding off the sweat pants she had been wearing to reveal her thin cotton panties which, by this time, had an obvious wet spot the size of a tennis ball. I had finally managed to get my clothes off without falling down and now I was also stroking my rock hard dick watching my wife strip. As her panties finally came off, she slid a finger deep into to her hole working it in and out several strokes before bringing it to her lips and licking her juices off.

“I need someone’s tongue in me now!” JoAnn moaned as she sat back on the edge of the bed completely exposing her neatly trimmed bush. She came almost instantly as John was on his knees with his face buried in her wet cunt in a flash. John continued to lick and suck her through about ten minutes of nearly continuous orgasm before finally letting her catch her breath. “Baby get on your hands and knees so John can fuck you doggie style while you suck my cock” I told her after she had caught her breath. “Oh yeah I need to be fucked!” she cried “Fuck me John, put that big cock in me and fuck me hard!” John was already moving around behind her as she got on all fours in the middle of the bed. I was ready to get my dick sucked but I knew I had to see my best friend penetrate my wife for the first time so I moved around back to watch. John had just lined up on her hole when he nodded at me to come closer. “Here” He said”you put it in.” As he put my hand on his cock. Now I was really ready to explode I knelt next to JoAnn kissing her neck and rubbing her tit with one hand and rubbing the head of John’s long cock over her clit and cunt lips like a sex toy. Finally when I thought neither of us could take it any more I guided the first few inches in the moved my cock to her lips.

John gave her one short stroke then slid all nine inches in to the hilt slowly withdrawing right to the head then slowly back in. Meanwhile I had buried my cock in to JoAnn’s mouth and although I tried to hold out as long as I could within minutes I exploded in her mouth and all over her face. I watched in total fascination as John kept up his slow long strokes and JoAnn kept begging and pleading “Harder God please fuck me harder!” John began to slowly increase the tempo, slowly withdrawing then slamming it back in like a bullet Making my tiny wife gasp with each pounding stroke. I could tell John was getting close and JoAnn was on orgasm number who knows when John looked at me and asked if it was OK to come inside her. “Oh yeah load that cunt up” I told him. “Well if you squeeze my balls as I come I can really shoot a load in her.” He said “I don’t know.” I said thinking this might be a little more than I bargained for. “Oh honey do it for me, make him fill my cunt for you!” JoAnn begged So as John started to pound harder and faster I reached between his leg and began massaging his balls and as he started to explode I squeezed and milked until he and my wife fell side by side on the bed.

As I stared at JoAnn covered in sweat her face full of my cum and John’s massive load oozing out of her cunt my cock had returned to full staff. I rolled her over on her back and positioned my self between her legs as my thick cock entered her fresh fucked pussy I knew this wouldn’t be the last time we’d do this.

This time I had plenty of staying power and fucked her long and hard while John shot another pretty healthy load in her face. As I started to close in on my orgasm JoAnn sensed my coming eruption “John, make him fill me like you did” she asked Before I could object John was squeezing and pulling my balls and I shot the biggest load of my life into JoAnn’s well-used cunt.

We all fell asleep on the bed in a twisted mass. The next morning John had left but JoAnn found a ten-dollar bill on the night stand, written on the back it said “Thanks Jo, this was best ten bucks I ever spent”

“That son-of-a-bitch” muttered JoAnn then added “I hope he gets another leave soon.”

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