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Reluctant Wife

I met Peter when I was at university and we started dating. Peter was studying for his doctorate and was six years older than me. Our relationship developed and I spent my final year sharing a tiny flat with him and a friend of his.

Although I was not a virgin when we started dating I was not very sexually experienced. The early years of our relationship were wonderful and Peter took me under his wing and gave me lots of new experiences. Three years after we left uni Peter proposed to me and we married the following year. Life was good and I developed as a woman, opening myself up to the experiences Peter gave me.

He was much more worldly wise than me and had much more involvement with the opposite sex. He taught me about oral sex and encouraged me to masturbate in front of him and in turn he masturbated for me often ejaculating over my body. Peter introduced fantasies into our lovemaking and we would fantasise about having sex while someone else was watching us. We went on holiday to a naturist camp and he loved seeing me naked in public. As time went on he tried introducing me to anal sex. I was not keen on this at first and found it rather uncomfortable but he was very keen so I persevered and got used to it. Over time I actually grew to enjoy it.

I was twenty nine by the time Peter started to suggest that we put some of our fantasies into practise by gong to a swingers club. I say ‘our’ fantasies but in reality they were his fantasies . For some time I would not agree to it but over time through his persistence and my desire to please him I started to weaken and the fantasies started to focus on us visiting a swingers club where we would have sex in room watched by other men and women. Peter would drop constant hints and found a club in Manchester which he said would be perfect for us to try out the fantasy as part of a weekend away.

Eventually and with great trepidation I agreed to visit the club with him. We arranged a weekend in Manchester and booked a hotel not far from the club. I had agreed to the visit with no obligations on me, just to see how things developed. We arrived in Manchester on the Saturday morning and had a nice lunch but all the while I was growing more and more nervous about the visit to the club. In the evening as we got ready to go I was a bag of nerves so Peter opened a bottle of wine which in my nervous state I drank far too much of. By the time we were ready to leave I had finished most of the wine and was getting quite tipsy.

A couple of streets from the club we stopped at a bar for a drink to steady my nerves. As we left the bar I was leaning on Peter for support and beginning to slur my words. Peter paid for our entrance into the club and before I knew it we were inside. It seemed very nice and more normal than in my fevered imaginings. We walked through the ground floor and found a large bar and lounge area where a mixed crowd of a variety of ages were drinking and chatting. We decided to have another drink and I started to relax partly because it all seemed so normal but if I am honest, largely because of all the wine I had drunk. I was dressed in a short black dress and Peter in a pair of trousers and a short sleeved shirt. Everyone else seemed to be similarly dressed which all added to the sense of normality.

After a couple of drinks Peter suggested that we go and explore to which I agreed. We left the bar and headed down to the basement. There was a locker area here with a sauna and a steam room. There were also a series of rooms, some open with no doors and some smaller ones which had doors. Apart from a couple of the small rooms which had their doors closed there were not many people down here and nobody seemed to be engaged in any sexual activity.

Peter suggested that we try the sauna to which I agreed. Peter helped me out of my clothes and I wrapped a towel around myself. We entered the sauna where half a dozen people were sat around. Everyone was naked, sitting on their towels so as I sat down I dropped my towel on to the bench enjoying the feeling of being naked in that hot environment and enjoying the eyes that I felt exploring my body.

As we sat and chatted quietly, I looked around the room at the other people. There were an older couple probably in their fifties, the woman had large sagging breasts and a rather bushy mat of pubic hair. Her husband had a bit of a belly on him and a bloated looking penis. There was another couple who I would say were both in their late thirties. The woman was slim and attractive with dark brown shoulder length hair and medium sized breasts. Peter certainly seemed to like the look of her! The last two people were both men, one in his forties I would say and one in his early thirties. The older of the two men was quite attractive in a mature sort of way. Whilst he was not skinny he certainly was not overweight and he looked as though he took care of himself. I glanced down at his crotch when nobody was looking and saw that he had a very substantial penis even in its flaccid state. The younger of the two men was slim, ordinary looking with an average sized penis. I was surprised to see that his pubic hair was fully shaved.

After a few minutes the younger of the two couples got up and left shortly followed by the older of the two single guys. We stayed for a few minutes longer and then decided to try the steam room. Having left the sauna we both stood under a cold shower for a moment. Even the cold water did not do much to revive me in my drunken state.

Next we stepped into the steam room. The lighting in the room was subdued and I couldn’t see much through the steam. The heat hit me like a wall and I felt very woozy. Peter guided me to a bench to one side and we sat down. I was dimly aware of there being other people in the room with us but I could not make out anything beyond slightly darker shapes dotted around the room. Peter had his arm around my waist and was talking to me. I was not really sure what he was saying. He was leaning in close to me and started to kiss my neck. He reached around me and cupped my breast which he started to knead. Ordinarily I would have been far too shy to so anything like that in public but the dim, steamy room combined with copious amounts of wine meant I was too far gone to really care. Peter kissed me deeply, his tongue snaking into my mouth. He murmured into my ear that he wanted to leave the steam room so he took my hand and unsteadily I followed my husband out into the shower area.

We showered and Peter towelled me dry. Then he led me along the corridor to one of the empty rooms. There were mats all over the floor like the ones you get in gymnasiums and there was a raised bed like area covered with the same sort of matting. Peter gently led me over to the raised bed and sat me down on it. He kissed me again and nudged my legs apart so he could slide his hand between my thighs and touch me. I lay back on the bed, partly in submission to him and partly from the effects of the wine.

Peter went down on me and I closed my eyes as his tongue found my clitoris. Waves of pleasure coursed over me as he licked me. When he stopped I opened my eyes to find that the older of the single men had entered the room and was standing watching us. Peter smiled at him and climbed between my legs his cock fully erect. I was totally submissive, knowing that Peter was fulfilling his fantasy and just giving in to the situation I found myself in.

Peter entered me easily and started to shaft me in the missionary position. Each time I opened my eyes I found the stranger staring intently and masturbating his now stiff cock. Fully erect it really was very large. At one stage Peter got off of me but I didn’t have the energy to open my eyes to find out why. When he got back on top of me I realised with a shock that it was not Peter. The stranger was kneeling between my legs and Peter was now watching.

My husband nodded encouragement to me so I lay there, drunk and compliant as the stranger mounted me with my husband watching. I felt really stretched and filled by the big stranger who quickly started to ride me. The sensation of being screwed by such a large cock was extraordinary and all the more so by my husband standing nearby watching the act.

After a few minutes the stranger came with a loud grunt and finally withdrew making a loud slurping sound in my pussy. Peter helped me on to my feet and then I realised that he wanted me to kneel down. He obviously was not finished with me! As I got down on all fours I became aware that there was now a group of around seven people watching. I was way too far gone to care now and waited for Peter to finish himself off into me.

I was mistaken. The man from the younger of the two couples in the sauna knelt between my knees and guided his penis into my vagina. He proceeded to bang me hard and fast, making loud slapping noises between our bodies with each thrust. His wife was one of the people watching us and I found it an odd combination of sexual excitement and humiliation to look into her eyes whilst her husband’s penis was pounding in and out of me.

The next hour was a blur with a succession of men mounting me and screwing me in a variety of positions. All the while Peter was watching and masturbating and encouraging the men.

Eventually Peter helped me up and into the changing area where we dressed and made our way back to the hotel. I was quite a mess as we walked through the streets and got some strange looks from passersby. When I undressed in our hotel room I was horrified to find that my knickers were slick with semen and there was semen dribbling from my sore red vagina. I thought that all of the men had been wearing condoms but it seemed that at least one of them had not.

Peter smirked when I got upset and just said, ‘you were loving it weren’t you?’. I wanted a bath but Peter said before I did he needed to ‘finish off’ into me as he had not come yet. Once again I submitted to his wishes and laid back on the bed. I was shocked when he started licking around my vagina which was still oozing another man’s cum but he seemed to get really turned on by it. Once he had finished going down on me he quickly mounted me and banged me hard until he came inside me.

This was the beginning of a new phase of our marriage in which Peter started to use and exploit me more and more but that is another story …

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