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Chubby Blond Teen Has a Nice Butt


I don’t know her name, but I have to say that this girl has got one heck of a great chunky ass on her. I found this blond over at a site called Young Fatties, which has a whole bunch of really amateur looking girls on their site, not fashion model types but the real full ass girls we all love and drool over in public – but now they are getting naked online for us! I wouldn’t actually mark this girl down as really being fat, she’s a little on the soft and chubby side with nice sized tits and nipples , but it’s her ass that really gets your attention. She has nice full ass cheeks, wide enough to be entertaining while still not being truly over done, but still nice and large and totally spankable!

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Sashaa Juggs Foodie with a Chunky Butt

sashaa juggs big ass

here’s another curvy hotty from XL Girls that will certainly get your attentin. Sashaa Juggs has got it all, from a huge pair of natural tits to a lush full ass. She’s totally into showing off, and totally into making sure we see every inch of her somewhat overwhelming body. She’s big in a perfectly sexy way, her huge tits are off the scale big, and her ass isn’t far behind, but with wonderful shape and a certain firmness you don’t often see in bigger girls. She loves to eat too, so no risk of her losing that hot ass any time soon! She loves to bend over and make sure we see it all, a truly hot ass girl who loves it when we looK!

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Bex Shiner Has a Big Round Ass

bex shiner ass

Now here’s a girl with a whole lotta rosie! Sexy and curvy Bec Shiner is the sort of girl that has enough going on all over the place to keep a man busy for hours, but it’s particularly her sexy ass that got my attention. Her ass is super nice, and it leads into a thick and tasty pair of thighs that really make that ass into something special, a sort of hips to knees area combination that is hard to beat, but easy to spank – if she will let you! Oh, and she knows she has it going on out back too: “I’ve got a very, very good ass,” Bex says. “I do a lot of squats. I try to wear my shorts very short. I do the cameltoe thing, too. You have to have cameltoe. I always wear low-cut tops and push-up bras and tight tops and dresses!” This girl sure ain’t shy to show us her goods, her big tits are impressive and her ass even more so, a truly sexy chunky butt that would be perfect for almost anyone!

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Newcomer Sara Has a Seriously Chunky Butt

sara chunky butt

If you like your girls with a bit more on them than just bones, then you will be really loving newcomer Sara. I found this sexy curvy girl over at XL Girls, she’s a plus size model with some serious measurements, her bra size is a European 85FF, and she has an ass to match – this girl is all curvy all over. She loves to show it off too, it’s her first ever nudes but this big babe knows what we love. This hot ass in panties shot is a great example of her super sized chunky butt in action!

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Lily Madison Has a Chunky Butt

lily madison ass

Here’s some nice round ass action from Scoreland, this time featuring busty Lily Madison and her equally curvy ass. Lily Madison is one of those amazing UK girls who straddles the line between curvy and chubby just so nicely, with an amazing pair of big natural tits and a rather sexy ass. Lily’s sexy butt is round and full and certainly a don’t miss it sort of a deal, very hot and soft and sexy, not so big as to make you run away more like just big enough to make her tight red dress look absolutely amazing – and to give you something to hold on to as you fuck her doggy style too!

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Ryan Smiles Has a Big Sexy Ass

big sexy ass

I found hotty Ryan Smiles over at Scoreland, they are all hot for her because this girl has some pretty amazing big tits. But lovers of fine lush asses know that with big natural tits you often find big natural asses too, and Ryan Smiles does not disappoint. This girl has an amazing full lush ass, the type of butt that you would describe as an apple butt if apples came this big. Her ass is nicely shaped, it’s firm, and it’s very full and super tasty, spankable in all the right ways and certainly looking hot in and out of her less than daisy due shorts. She’s just hot no matter which way you turn her, I have to imagine that doggy style with this girl, with her big tits swaying back and forth and that sexy big ass up against you would be just fucking awesome!

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