Was That A Trick or A Treat

Jon and I were always ones who made the holidays fun. I think we celebrated every single holiday there was in America. I think our personal favorite is Halloween now. It use to be Christmas, but a few years ago on Halloween we had a rather interesting experience that I think made it our favorite.

It was Halloween evening and Jon and I had finished decorating the house. We had plastic ghosts and witches hanging from the trees in our yard and green and orange lights lined our doors and windows. We had those jack-o-lantern lawn bags all over our yard filled with leaves and we had carved our own jack-o-lantern together and placed it on the front steps. I think we were the only people in the neighborhood that actually decorated. Jon and I huddled together in the front yard looking at the sight and holding each other tight.

It was already very cold in Michigan then, probably 40 degrees. Jon had his arms around me and had pulled me into his large trench type coat. “Well, it’s not scary” he spoke and I just giggled. I nestled into his warm comforting chest and pressed my hourglass figure against him. His hands caressed up and down my back slowly massaging and working into my muscles. Jon always knew how to relieve my tension.

We slowly made a lap around the house looking at our work. It was quickly becoming dark and Jon and I went inside to get dressed into our costumes. I slipped into this tight little short black dress and placed on the pointed black witch hat. I wore thigh high fishnet stockings and six inch black pumps and carried a little broomstick. Jon always called me his little witch.

Jon came out of the bathroom in full vampire gear. The cape was a bit short, but other than that he was gorgeous. I always wanted to fuck a vampire. To bad they are not real. Jon and I then made our way into our living room. We had set out several candy dishes for kids to collect their candy on their own outside and Jon and I were going to go down the street to the party at our friend Brian’s house. We left about 9:00pm walking down the sidewalk and admiring all the little ghosts, goblins, werewolves, vampires, ninjas, and princesses that strolled down the streets with their parents with bags full of candy.

We decided to cut through the wooded path to get to Brian’s house quicker and we huddled together as the cold wind chapped our faces. The path was very narrow and dark, but Jon and I had walked it many times before. When we reached the center of the path Jon stopped me and pulled me to him kissing me with his sweet tender lips. “I love you, Gena” he spoke to me and I smiled returning the three words with just as much sincerity. He held me there for a moment and we then turned to continue on the path, but when we looked up there before us was a man towering over the two of us.

He must have been at least seven foot tall considering he looked down at Jon and Jon was six foot two inches. He was dressed like Jon, but so much more believable. His hair was long and black and it cascaded down over his shoulders like a waterfall over rocks. His body was perfect, trimmed and fit so that his costume hugged him so tightly I could pick out each muscle in his abdomen. I shivered. This man was completely gorgeous, but something about him did strike me the wrong way. His eyes were very pale and yellow.

“Good evening” he spoke to the two of us and Jon smiled and returned the greeting extending his hand to the gentleman. The man took his hand and I could see the look in Jon’s eyes when he shook his hand. It was almost like terror.

Jon places his hand on mine and I felt that his hand was freezing cold and I looked at him and then to the man. “Can I help you?” Jon asked the gentleman still acting a little freaked out.

“Yes” the man, said, “Yes you can” he paused a moment giving us both a sly looking smile and then before I knew it he had grabbed me.

I was motionless in these creatures’ arms and though Jon attempted to free me from the man it was no use. His strength was incredible. “Don’t hurt her please,” Jon pleaded with him, but by then I had realized that the man’s intentions were not to hurt me. His hand had begun to caress my back gently as his other arm and the cape he wore circled around my body.

Jon stood there in horror not knowing what was going to happen, but for some reason I felt safe and I gave him a reassuring smile. The man’s hand had begun to wander around my form and, though hidden from Jon by the cape, his hand had begun to caress my right breast and pinch at my nipple. I must have squirmed a bit as this happened, but it was so pleasurable so different. This man was extremely gentle though wanting.

My back was pressed to him as he continued his assault on my form. The hand that caressed my back had now slid down my thigh and lifted my dress. His cold fingers caressed my inner thigh and teased my senses. I could feel myself growing wet as I looked at Jon. I did not know if he knew what was happening, but from the look on my face he must have seen that I was very pleasured.

The man’s hand found my silk panties and he rubbed my soft shaved mound through them. He had to have felt my warm juices seeping from me slowly and soaking my panties. I pressed back against him some and I felt his member pressing against my ass through his black pants. It seemed enormous. His hand ripped my panties from me and Jon must have seen him drop them to the ground because he jumped a moment, but then went back to watching.

This turned me on even more, having my husband watch as this man seduced me. The man’s fingers rubbed at my mound then parted my wet lips and began to slide across my throbbing clit. “Mmmmmm” I spoke, letting this escape my lips as he pleasured my love button. I found that I was grinding myself against his hand and then pushing my ass harder against his rock hard cock. My hand found it’s way there to his pants and I rubbed his erection through it as it begged to get out.

The man dropped the cape and now Jon could see what he was doing to me. Jon looked on as though he were watching some sort of porno movie as the man continued to work on me. His long thick fingers slid into my dripping wet hole and I moaned out like crazy. The man looked over at Jon and spoke “Come over here and help me” Jon obeyed as though he were too the man’s slave. Jon knelt to his knees and only after a second I felt his hot tongue sweeping across my clit.

The man stepped back and freed his cock from its bounds and walked back to me and turned me towards him and he stuck his cockhead against my lips. “Suck it you little witch,” he demanded and I without hesitation allowed my tongue to dart out to his member and begin to suck it. Jon let his fingers begin to roam about my pussy. He slid a couple fingers in then began to move them in and out of me. I was in ecstasy as I let the man’s enormous cock slide down into my throat. He was at least 10 inches, but somehow I managed to take him all in to where his balls were resting on my chin. As I sucked the man’s beautiful cock Jon positioned himself under me and began to eat my pussy like crazy. I trembled and shivered like mad as my juices spread across his face. I sucked harder and harder on the man’s cock and massaged his balls with one of my free hands. Jon ravaged my sweet pussy.

The man stopped me and looked down at Jon and said “Now I am going to fuck this little witch like she never has been before” Jon got out from underneath me and the man pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. “Suck your man’s cock,” he commanded and with that Jon freed his member and let it meet my face. I took it in quickly seeing Jon was unbelievably rock hard. The man positioned himself behind me and I could feel the head of his large cock probing at the entrance to my pussy. I pushed my body against him wanting that cock in my pussy so bad and he reacted by slamming it all the way into me as hard as he could.

I gagged on Jon’s cock as I went forward and the man began to slam me like crazy. Jon’s 8-inch prick twitched in my mouth as my tongue played all over it. I was moaning like crazy when I heard Jon actually get verbal. “God, Gena baby suck my cock, suck it like you never have before” I rammed his cock into my mouth taking it all into my throat. He shivered and moaned like mad as I did so.

The man continued to pound away at my pussy driving his cock further and further into my warm wet hole. He pounded so hard that it felt like he was going to rip me apart, but I was loving it. The harder and faster he went, the harder and faster I wanted it. He fucked me for several minutes then stopped and looked at Jon and spoke “Lay down for her so the hot little slutty witch can ride you.” Jon lay down and I crawled over to him and sat upon his cock impaling my pussy with it and began to ride him for all he was worth, but the man was not finished with his fun. I heard him approach me and felt his fingers rub against my clit scooping up some of my juices and he the rubbed it on my tiny little asshole.

I flinched a moment as I felt one of his long fingers invade my ass and lube the inside of the hole. “I’m gonna fuck this little slutty witches ass” he spoke as he kneeled behind me. I felt the humongous head of his cock probe against my small asshole and I shivered a moment as it did. He then with no mercy slammed his entire prick into my ass and I screamed out in pleasure now having both my holes filled with beautiful cocks. He pounded into my ass as I rode Jon’s beautiful cock.

I looked down at Jon as he spoke “Oh my god, baby, I can feel his cock in you. It’s rubbing against mine. “Oh my god it feels so damn good” Jon was getting close to coming I could tell and the man continued to fuck my ass hard and fast.

“Do you like this you little witch? Do you like having my cock in your ass and your man’s cock in your pussy? I know you like it you little slutty witch.” The man spoke as he slammed into my ass.

“Yes, oh my god yes” I replied, “Fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, oh my god it feels so good” I spoke through my moans.

Jon’s cock began to twitch in my pussy and just as I noticed it he spoke “Oh god baby I am coming. I am coming in your hot little pussy” his neck arched back as he filled my sweet pussy with his seed.

At about the same time the man began to release his load into my ass saying “God yes…. I am coming in your ass you witch! I am going to fill it full of my come. ” He screamed out in ecstasy as I felt his load invade my ass. I myself came at that very moment as well all over Jon’s twitching cock.

I was looking down at Jon and screaming out like mad “I’m coming Jon, oh my god I am coming”

The man pulled his prick free from my ass and zipped up his pants and was gone in a flash. I stood up and looked at Jon as he put away he still semi hard member. I pulled my dress down and we turned around on the path and went back home. Jon kind of giggled to himself on the way there and as we walked into the door of our house he spoke “Well honey, did you guess that I knew that was going to happen?” he laughed again as I just looked at him. He then spoke again “I guess you got your Trick and your Treat.”

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Whore Night

My wife is petite, blonde, 45 years old and looks mid-thirties. She and I have been married six years and have lived out our fantasies for the last three years. We are constantly making bets and Cherie uses her body as her wager. When she loses five times in a row I win the jackpot, and we play a little game we call “Whore Night”. Cherie likes this game because I “make” her do things she wouldn’t do otherwise. She can be a real slut without having any guilt.

Last month I won big, and told my darling she would be dressed to thrill by 7:30 because I had big plans for her. I have a particular fascination with watching my little whore display her body and suck off several men. I had a friend with a nice house and several friends very ready to meet Cherie. At 8:20 we pulled into his driveway.

Lee met us at the door and led Cherie and I back to the den. Three men in their late 40’s or early 50’s were waiting for us. Lee made introductions and I told the men that Cherie was there to entertain them. I had Lee put on some music and told Cherie to do a striptease for us to start the evening. Cherie had on high heels and a long dress that buttoned up the front. After one song she was out of the dress and dancing in her black “merry widow” corset and stockings. After the second song I stopped her and had her pick a number between 1 and 20, then had the men guess the number. She picked 4, and two men guessed 3 and 5. I told them 4 was the number so they could both help her out of her panties.

Lee grabbed one side of her panties and Jay grabbed the other, then both slid the panties off her hips and down her legs. All the men leaned forward to look at her shaved lips and the little tuft of hair above her clit. I had Cherie walk around the room and show her pussy to each man. I stopped her after the first man and told her she was to put one foot up on the couch or chair next to each man so they all had a good look at her pussy. I also encouraged the men to stick a finger in her pussy to see how hot dancing naked made her.

Cherie never made it around the whole room. The third man (Bill) put his finger in her pussy and asked when she was going to suck him. Cherie said “Right now, Honey”, and knelt in front of him. She unzipped his pants and pulled his prick out, then started licking his shaft and head. After a few licks Bill said “I’m going to cum”. Cherie pulled him out of her mouth and told him to cum on her boobs. A few more times she bobbed her head on his shaft and then let his cum splash onto her chin and boobs. Jay was next to Bill and in a few minutes his first load of cum sprayed her chest.

Jerry stood up as Cherie moved over in front of him. He dropped his pants and Cherie was surprised to see a prick that was easily 9 inches long. She had him sit back down, then raised up on hands and knees to make it easier to swallow his shaft. Jerry put his hands behind her head and urged her to suck as much of it in her mouth as possible. Cherie worked and worked at that big prick and finally managed to take all of it in her mouth. She rocked back and forth on that monster and Jerry’s first spurt went down her throat. Fortunately, she was able to pull his prick out and the rest of his cum splattered her face and chin.

Lee was next and, because of her talented mouth, soon sprayed his first load on her chin and tits. Finally it was my turn. I let Cherie suck my prick into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. She withdrew it from her mouth and stroked it a few times. “Where do you want to cum, Mister? In my mouth? On my face? How about all over my tits? I like hot cum on my tits. It makes me feel hot and horny. It makes my pussy drip”. I told her she was to suck me, take the first spray down her throat and the rest on her face. She stroked me a few more times and then sucked me directly into her mouth. In several strokes she was bumping my groin with her nose and my prick was going down her throat. As I started to cum she took the first jet in her mouth and the next four jets on her face and chin. She rubbed my prick on her face and finally opened her mouth to show me my cum. She smiled and swallowed.

I let my darling rest a minute and brought out a 10 inch dildo that I told her would be part of the next round of entertainment. This dildo is Cheries’ favorite pussy toy, and she had named it “Johnny”. Johnny had given her hours of pleasure. I told her she would be having Johnny in her pussy soon. Lee brought out a large comforter and placed it on top of a table. I had Cherie climb up on the table and I put Johnny in her hand. Cherie licked Johnny a few times and guided him to her pussy. I brought three pillows and raised Cheries’ head and chest so she could watch Johnny going in and out of her pussy. Cherie started moving her hips and lifting her butt off the table. In a few minutes she rolled her legs back and up and started climaxing. This was too much for the men gathered around the table, and they started grabbing her nipples and fondling her body. Cherie had several major orgasms, then almost fainted.

I let her rest a few minutes, then helped her off the table and to the bathroom so she could clean up. The cum on her face and boobs had dried and her pussy had made a big wet spot on the comforter.

When she returned from the bathroom I had Cherie come back to the table and bend over it. I tied her hands together and tied the rope to the other end of the table. I tied each of her legs to one of the table legs, and had her totally spread and available.

“Cherie, up to now it has been a game. Now it is serious. Each man has paid me $100 for a night of fun with you. They will only wear condoms if I decide to allow anal sex. Each man is married, does not fool around and does not have any diseases. They are all going to fuck you and cum in your tight little pussy. After they are all finished, you are going to suck them clean, and thank them for a good time. This is what whores do. Do you understand?”

We started around the room again and Jay had Cherie first. He held his prick out to her and she turned her head away. I stepped back behind her and spanked her butt 10 times. Jay again held his prick out to her and she slowly reached out her tongued and licked his prick. He moved behind her and started pushing his stiff cock into her pussy. In a few minutes Jay shot a load of cum into her. Cherie had reached the point of her climax, then Jay had cum and she was left waiting. Lee had seconds and he too had Cherie lick him before trying to push into her pussy. Cherie had no problem licking Lee and begged him to fuck her. He too brought Cherie up to a climax, but she still did not have her orgasm.

“Jerry, I have to have your monster cock in my pussy, please. Please.” Cherie was actually begging to be fucked.

Jerry slipped his cock from his pants and Cherie asked him “Please let me suck it just a minute, then fuck me with that monster”

Jerry shoved his prick into Cherie and she started crying and humping back at him. He worked his prick in and out and Cherie started moaning. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Cherie had two big orgasms before Jerry sprayed her pussy with cum. She looked over at Bill and said “Fuck me, please. Please fuck me.”

Bill lasted a long time and Cherie had another climax and a big “thriller” orgasm. Finally it was my turn. Cherie looked at me with bright eyes and said “If you pay me another $100 you can fuck my ass.”

I told her “I’m going to fuck your ass tomorrow because your pussy will be too sore from all the fucking tonight.”

As I slipped it in her hot little pussy I could hear the other loads squish back and forth. I lasted longer than Bill and drove my little whore to two big thrillers before I dumped my load in with the other loads of cum.

It was 1 a.m. when we untied Cherie from the table. She collapsed to the floor and rubbed her feet and legs. I pulled the comforter off the table, and folded it as a cushion. “Cherie, get on your knees. You are to suck each man clean, then thank him for fucking you.”

She licked each man and said “Thank you for the good fucking.”

On the way home Cherie said “Thank you for the good fucking. Can we do this again, please?

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