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In the porn world, fucking fans outside of work is called a “private” or a “pornstar Experience”. Tonight’s Girlfriend is sort of a fantasy look at the concept of the pornstar experience, with dudes getting to bang pornstars and loving it. Ava Addams is the featured babe in this scene, this hot MILFy pornstar has got a wonderful rack, a great look, and she fucks like a bunny, she really loves to get boned and you can tell that this whole hotel room private fuck session isn’t really work, she’s loving his cock in deep! It’s total fantasy play, and she plays it well!

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Sloppy Seconds

“Have a good night, Barry.” My wife turned and kissed me as she left to go clubbing again. She looked pretty sexy with her short black mini-skirt and a leather top. Her long black hair covered some of her large 36c breasts but she brushed it aside to show off. “You like?”

“Of course.” I said running my hand over her leather clad breasts. “You sure Sara can’t wait a few more minutes?” My hand wandered under her skirt and between her legs now rubbing at her black lace panties.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get that later, when I get home. You mind if I get freaky tonight?” she asked coyly, a shitty smile crossed her face. She must be horny already.

“Like what?” already knowing the answer.

“I don’t know, maybe giving some guy head in a bathroom?” Her left hand pressing against my hardening cock.

“I don‘t know,” I sighed as her hand slid up and down the front of my pants.

“Please?” She whispered as she kissed at my neck. “I‘ll tell you all about it, like the last time.”

I couldn‘t take anymore of her teasing, she had been doing it all day. “If you want to.”

She turned kissed me on the cheek, and left with Sara, one of her girlfriends. All night I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind that she was probably giving some guy an awesome blowjob and him cumming allover her face in the process. She had been out several times and the last time this guy had her hands down his pants while begging for a blowjob. I didn’t know about it until the next day, she told me while we were fucking, but she didn’t give him head for fear of pissing me off. After thinking of it nonstop I finally went to sleep in anticipation of my wife arriving home.

About four thirty I head my wife open the door to our house and come in. I was pretty tired since I had been working first shifts but I was drifting in and out of sleep.

“Honey…you awake?” she asked climbing into the bed. Her hands instantly rubbed at my cock, making it hard. “Yeah..I’m awake.” I replied.

My eyes opened almost instantly, which happens when she wakes me up at night rubbing me. I rubbed my eyes while checking her out. Her hair was a little messed up but that was natural with clubbing. She bent down to kiss me and I could tell that she had been drinking.

“Good.” With a come hither look she pulled up her skirt to reveal her black lace panties. My hand reached out to feel those soaked panties hugging to her pussy. With one hand she slid them down her smooth legs and I could see her wet juices oozing from her pussy as she peeled them down. I could tell how horny she was, as she always gets a strong musky smell. Her pussy was practically dripping as my tongue licked her pouty pussy lips. One leg slid over my head as I tongued her wet lips and went to work on her clit, sucking it as she always liked.

“You want me to tell you what happened tonight?” she asked. I mumbled mmmm hmm as I licked at her clit.

“I danced with quite a few guys, but there was one that had just gotten out of the military on leave.” Her hand stroked my cock as she continued her story. “His hands were all over me. His wife was there too, watching him feel me up. He had whispered to me that his wife wanted him to get some pussy that night, and I told him that I was game.”

My cock hardened at the thought of a guys rough hands allover my wife’s body, with her dancing seductively with him. “What happened then?” I asked her, my cock straining against my boxers, wondering just how far she’d let this guy take it.

“I let him finger me.” she spouted out as my tongue grazed her hard clit. “That got me soo hot.” Amber gasped as she saw my hard cock. “As much as he had been dancing with me..” she stopped for a moment getting off me and making me lick her nipple, she continued.

“He led me out to his car and pushed me against it as he ground against me. He was shaking and was so horny as I unzipped his pants. Then I got down on my knees and started to suck him.” My wife gasped as she ground her pussy against my probing fingers. She was so slick and messy now it was unbelievable how wet she was. I slid a second, then third finger inside her while biting her nipple. “Put another one in!” she hissed as I bit down harder.

“How big was it?” I asked her.

Amber moaned and tensed up as I plowed away at her sopping pussy with my fingers, her juices running everywhere. “About 7 or 8 inches.” she panted as her pussy tensed again, around all four fingers.

Amber balanced herself barely after cumming that hard, and pulled my straining cock from the boxers. While I knew that it was only about 6 ½ inches, I also knew that she had a bigger cock in her mouth tonight, which made me even hotter. Her hand slid to her sopping pussy, got her hand wet, then started to jerk my cock with her hand while she told me what else happened.

My wife jerked me faster as she told me more. “I know I told you I was going to use a condom, and I did. I gave it to him and he slid it on, bent me over, and started fucking me against the car.”

Amber stood up for a moment then leaned down to lick some of the juices off my face, as she rubbed her pussy against my straining cock. “You wanna hear more?” she asked.

I nodded yes. “Then lick my pussy some more, make me cum.” she positioned herself back on my face and started again. “It felt so good, to be like that. He made me feel dirty. He fucked me missionary, then doggie but I wanted to feel him cum so bad.” She groaned as she told me that, and moved so that her pussy was directly over my face. Her wet juices were dripping from her shaved pussy. I licked at her clit all the while enjoying how horny my wife was at this point, I loved it when she would do anything to cum.

“I wanted to feel him cum in me so bad.” She paused and rubbed her pussy in my face. “I was so horny from his big cock.”

“Can I tell you something?” she asked.


“I don’t want you to be mad…,” she paused as she deep throated my cock until her nose was down to my pubic hairs. Then she slid back up again. “Promise?”

“Yes…I promise.” As I felt her lips slide all the was down my cock again I held her head and fucked her mouth for a moment.

“I was so horny I just needed to feel some cum in me, o I pulled off his condom and had him fuck me bareback.” I paused for a moment realizing what she was saying. It had been in my fantasies that my wife would let a guy cum in her but I never imagined that she would do it.

As I paused licking her clit she grabbed my hair and brought her dripping pussy to my face. “Keep licking.” she panted as I slid my tongue against her pussy lips. I kept licking at her cunt lips for a moment until she spread her pussy lips for me with her fingers. “Lick my box!.” she cried as my tongue dove into her sweet box, tasting her and her lovers’ cum.

“I hope you’re not mad,” she said as she rubbed her dripping box against my mouth. “but I really needed it” She groaned as I started to lick her cum filled pussy, my cock was so hard I thought it would burst. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She instantly started jerking me off again.

“Doesn’t look like you’re too mad,” she said rubbing my cock. “You like licking my used pussy don’t you?” I whispered yes to her as his cum started to leak out more.

“He really fucked me, but it really made me cum hard when he came in me. I must have really gotten him hot cause he left a nice big load for you to lick out.” Her pussy started to quiver then, as I licked out her fresh pussy.

“Come on, lick it all up.” she encouraged me as her lips slid over my cock. “Lick it all up. God, Lick out his cum.” she groaned as she pushed her sloppy pussy against my tongue. “God he had a big cock.” she said as she started to cum again. “He fucked me so fucking good. MMMM.” She groaned knowing that I was getting closer.

“I think next time I’ll bring you along and you can watch your little slut-wife get her pussy fucked. Would you like that?” That was all I could take from her telling me how this guy had fucked her to licking out her sopping pussy. My cock exploded in her mouth as her pussy spasmed around my tongue. My wife sucked me dry and continued sucking me hard again and we would end up fucking all night long.

That began our nights of fun with me waiting to see what sort of surprises that my wife would bring me, among them she would bring home a man with her one time, and another a hot 22 yr old woman. Those are stories for another time though.

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Here’s some truly hot shots featuring sexy Samantha Rone and her tasty twat. This girl is a nice natural hotty with a great body, smooth sexy skin, and a pussy that will make you want to dive into the screen and start licking – she’s tasty! I found her in this scene from PassionHD that has plenty of shots of her sweet pussy up close, and then some nice hardcore too – this girl’s pussy is perfect for licking AND fucking! I love the way in the closeup that her sexy ass is winking at us too, makes me think I would love to lick her out from end to end, what about you?

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